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Different AU e-mails

Not all e-mail addresses can be used to create a user in Pure.

A revolving topic in our support cases is that a new AU employee is unable to log on to Pure.

The most common cause has in the past been that the "show in Pure" flag in the employee registration system was not set. Fortunately, this problem is under control.

Now, a more frequent cause is that the employee has not set up an appropriate employee e-mail under "My profile" at medarbejdere.au.dk. This employee e-mail is needed to create a user account in Pure.

This problem sometimes happen when a person is a student as well as employee at AU, for example a student worker, or was been employed after the completion of their studies. In this case some role confusion may occur as the person has the same AU ID as before, and the e-mail address post.au.dk used by students, lives on. This e-mail just can't be used to create a valid user in Pure. Likewise, e-mail addresses associated with external domains such as rm.dk or gmail.com cannot be used for this purpose.

As AU employee, you need to create this e-mail address yourself from "My profile" at https://mit.medarbejdere.au.dk/da/profile/mail. What goes before "@" is your own choice; what comes after is determined by which organisational unit you belong to e.g. clin.au.dk or ps.au.dk.

We have updated our guide "Login problems" with a reference to where you set up your employee e-mail.