AU Pure Support

We can help you with

  • Access to Pure
  • Import/export of publication in Pure at other universities
  • Extracting data from Pure
  • Setting up ORCID synchronisation
  • Adjusting your personal AU homepage

Write if you have questions regarding Pure. Subsequently, you will receive an email, confirming that a case has been created in our case management system.

Due to an effective spam filter we are only able to receive emails from .dk domains. If you do not have an email address ending in .dk, please write one of the AU Pure Support team members directly.

Local contact person

Depending on where you are employed, there may local contact persons who can answer questions related to Pure.

Ask your institute management whether there is a person assigned to help with Pure.

If you do not have access to a local Pure contact person, you are always welcome to write the AU Pure support at

AU Pure Support Team