CV Upload

You have the option to display a curriculum vitae that you have saved as a PDF-file.

First you need to upload your PDF-file through a service that AU IT has developed. Then, you insert a link to the uploaded file in a section as a part of your profile information on your personal AU website.

It is to your advantage that you have logged into Pure and are ready to edit your profile before you begin this process.

Upload pdf and collect the URL to the file

Go to Log in through WAYF, using your AU ID and password.

You will see this window.

Click the grey box or drag your PDF-file into the window from a folder to upload the file. It is only possible to upload PDF-files.

When the file is transferred, a link to the file is created. The link to the file can be copied to your clipboard by clicking "Copy URL".

If you want to check if you have uploaded the correct file, you can click "Open file". If it is the wrong file, click the red button "Remove file" and select another file.

You will get the window with the file and the three options the next time you log on to Therefore, it is easy to copy the link later on.


TIP: If you, later on, would like to replace the PDF-file with an updated version of your CV, first, remove the old file. Then, upload a new file with the exact same name as the old one. This way you avoid having to change the old links to the CV-file you added to your profile the last time.

You are notified that the link has been copied to your clipboard. Click "OK" to close the window. You will not be shown the link. If you would like to see the link, you can paste it into Word, Notepad or similar application.

TIP: If you perform too many actions or click around too much after you have copied the link, you may lose the link from the clipboard. Therefore, leave the upload window open in case you need to return and copy the link again.

Create section and add the URL

Next step is to insert the link to the CV-file into a section of your profile.

Log into Pure and access your profile information by clicking "Edit Profile".

You can add the link to one (or more) of four different section types in your profile. Your choice of section type determines where in your profile the link will appear.

You can find the four types of sections under "Further information". Click "Add profile information" to create a new section.

You can also insert the link in a section that you have already created. Sections that you have already created are listed here.

Select one of the following types:

"Curriculum Vitae" is shown in a separate CV-tab on your personal AU homepage. This choice requires addition steps (see last section "Add CV-tab and URL to CV" on this page).

"Further information" is automatically shown in a separate tab with the title "Further information". The title of this tab cannot be changed.

"Research and education information" is displayed just below your master data (address, phone, etc.) on your homepage.

"Profile" is shown on your homepage under the heading "Profile". This headline cannot be changed either.

No matter what section type you choose, a double editing window opens. This is where you insert the URL. On the right-hand side of the formatting menu there is a button with a link symbol. Click the button to create a link.

Insert (CTRL + V) the URL to your CV that you received from In the field "Text to display", Pure automatically repeats the link. Overwrite the extra link with the text you would like to be the link text. The last field "Title" can be left blank, or you can write a short description of the link. The text is not displayed along with the link.

Remember to insert the URL in both the Danish and the English version for the section.

Create CV-tab and add URL to CV

If you chose to use the section type "Curriculum Vitae", you have to complete additional steps to make the link appear under the CV tab on your personal AU homepage.

To make the "CV" appear on your website, you have to have a public CV in Pure.

To create a public CV, click "Add Curriculum Vitae" at the top of the page with your profile information, and then select the option "Public CV".

If you already have a public CV, use this. You can edit the existing CV by clicking on the link "Curriculum vitae" under your name at the top of the page with your profile information.

After you have selected the "Public CV" option, you will get an editing window, where you can choose what content you want to pull into your CV. Check the box for "Profile Information". Profile information contains the sections that you created under "Profile information" on your profile-information page, including "Curriculum Vitae".

If you are working with an existing CV, click "Add section" at the bottom of the CV to make the editing window appear.

Click "Create" to finish and close the window.

Make sure the box "Publish" is checked, and click "Save" to finish the process.