AU elections - thank you for voting

Follow the voter turnout in all contested elections

What is an "uncontested election"?

An uncontested election means that it is not necessary to hold a vote.

There is no need to vote if the number of candidates who have been nominated does not exceed the number of mandates within a single representation area.

The Election Committee declares the candidates on the list to be elected in the order listed. Non-elected candidates are regarded as substitutes for the elected candidates.

What does "cancellation of election" mean?

The election is cancelled if, within a particular representation area, a candidate list has not been submitted before the specified deadline. 

A cancelled election means that there are no elected representatives. For members of academic staff, it is therefore necessary to hold a draw to decide which employees will sit on the body. This is because employees are under a contractual obligation to serve as members of the university's governing bodies. In the case of students, it is not possible to appoint representatives, but you can choose to appoint observers without voting rights.

What are you voting for?

This year, students can stand for election and vote for AU’s board, the Academic Council, the PhD committees and the boards of studies.

Members of academic staff can stand for election and vote for:

  • The academic councils (academic staff at the Faculty of Natural Sciences (including employed PhD students) and employed PhD students at the Faculty of Technical Sciences)
  • The PhD committees (academic staff at all faculties)
  • Boards of studies (academic staff at all faculties)

Technical and administrative staff can stand for election and vote for academic councils (applies to employees at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and only as observers.)