News from the senior management team no. 7/2014

Marks do not tell the whole story

Brian Bech Nielsen and Mette Thunø comment in an article on the current debate on admission requirements and honours programmes.

Among other things, they write:

"It can't be ruled out that Aarhus University will eventually introduce minimum requirements in future regarding the minimum average mark required for admission to some of the Bachelor's degree programmes which do not currently have this requirement. However, it will not be as a general entrance requirement for the whole university ... It is vital that we make clear demands on our applicants. At the same time, a low mark in history does not necessarily have a bearing on whether or not a student will be a good chemistry student – or vice versa. The solution therefore may be to introduce subject-specific admission requirements."

Michael Goodsite steps down as department head

After three years as head of AU Herning, Michael Goodsite has decided not to reapply for the post when his contract expires in June. 

Instead, he is taking up a position as head of a department at the University of Southern Denmark on Funen where his family is based.

During his time at AU Herning, Michael Goodsite has worked hard to strengthen the research environment and forge stronger links with the business community.

The appointment process for the position of department head at AU Herning has started, and it has still not yet been decided who will take over the position.

Major research conference taking shape

The Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF) 2014 conference in Copenhagen on 21-26 June is taking shape, and the programme has now been finalised.

The programme for this major research event has five main tracks:

  • a scientific programme
  • a science policy programme
  • a science-to-business programme
  • a careers programme
  • a Science in the City programme

ESOF is attracting researchers, research directors, politicians, staff from research organisations, businesspeople and journalists from all over the world. The first four of the above programmes are intended for participants at ESOF, while the Science in the City programme is intended for the wider public. Aarhus University will be represented with a number of speakers at ESOF, and the university also has various activities and a stand at Science in the City.


  • 11-13 March: Visit by Groningen University
  • 18 March: Senior management team's monthly meeting at the Department of Public Health
  • 20 March: Main Liaison Committee meeting
  • 22 March: Senior management team's monthly meeting at the Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • 24-26 April: Festival of Research
  • 30 April: Meeting of the University Board

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