News from the senior management no. 33/2018

Achievements of Dual Career students honoured

Aarhus University welcomed prize and medal-winning students from the Dual Career programme last Thursday evening to celebrate them for their performance – and not least, their ability to juggle two career paths successfully. Pro-rector Berit Eika also praised the 29 students for their perseverance, highlighting how they can act as role models and sources of inspiration for their fellow students. The university’s Dual Career students are doing well – they are making good progress in their studies and have low drop-out rates.

More than 500 AU students are now affiliated to the University’s Dual Career programme, which is helping students to handle two parallel career paths; an academic career alongside a career as either an elite athlete or an entrepreneur. 

New working group to promote entrepreneurial culture at AU

A new working group involving mainly academic staff from the university will be responsible for devising a proposal and a realistic activity plan for a new, cross-faculty entrepreneurship programme at AU. Professor Michael S. Dahl of Aarhus BSS is chairing the working group. The university’s business committee, which is made up of the members of the senior management team, devised the idea of establishing the working group.

The business committee is working to improve the entrepreneurial culture at AU by creating an attractive environment for AU’s entrepreneurs. It is aiming to establish physical communities where students and researchers can work together easily across faculties, and where entrepreneurs can get professional advice on how best to develop their businesses.

ERC Synergy Grant goes to Professor Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen

Professor Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen is the first Aarhus University researcher to have been awarded what is known as an ERC Synergy Grant. The grant for the project, which is entitled Recursive and Exact New Quantum Theory (ReNewQuantum), amounts to EUR 10 million, which is equivalent to DKK 74.6 million. ReNewQuantum is a new approach to quantum theory, and the main idea behind it is based on the primary research focus at the Centre for Quantum Geometry of Moduli Spaces (QGM) basic research centre headed by Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen at the Department of Mathematics at Aarhus University.

Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen is the primary research director for the project, and QGM is the host university. The University of Geneva, Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques and Institut de Physique Théorique are the three other universities involved in the project.

Lundbeck Foundation appoints three new fellows – all from Health

Three of the five new Lundbeck Foundation fellows are from Department of Clinical Medicine at Health: Nicolai Juul Birkbak, Micah Allen and Christoffer Laustsen. The Lundbeck Foundation made awards of DKK 10 million to each of this year’s fellowships on Wednesday, 24 October. This is the 12th consecutive year in which the Foundation has awarded grants to “outstanding researchers”, and the funds will mean they can pursue their research without stress for the next five years. 

The Lundbeck Foundation presented this year’s “Talent Award” to three researchers at the same ceremony on Wednesday, one of whom was Thor Haahr, clinical assistant and PhD student from Aarhus University and Skive Regional Hospital. The Talent Award is presented to researchers “who are under the age of 30 and have already demonstrated a very special talent”. DKK 100,000 is also presented to each recipient of the Talent Award.

Million-kroner EU grant for research into dignity in old age

A team of researchers from five different European countries have been awarded about DKK 34 million by the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions Innovative Training Networks for a major project relating to the perception of dignity among the elderly. One of the driving forces behind this project is Associate Professor Annelise Norlyk from the Department of Public Health at Health, receiving DKK 4.6 million. 

Save the date: star lectures for staff and students

The senior management team is inviting all staff and students to ‘star lectures’ to mark Aarhus University’s 90th birthday in 2018. There will be four lectures, one by a researcher from each of the four faculties. 

The lectures will be taking place on four days in November, starting on the 17th, and you are welcome to attend all four. Registration opens this week, on Friday, 2 November. Participation is free of charge, and the university will be providing refreshments during the break. 

Contracts with unions and unemployment insurance funds must provide a level playing field  

Aarhus University is working on reviewing the university’s contracts with unions and unemployment insurance funds so as to ensure that they are compliant with the requirements for how financial agreements must be concluded with private organisations and companies. Among other things, it is crucial for the agreements not to give any of the partners advantages over others. AU is pleased with the cooperation with unions and unemployment insurance funds, and it must be supported by consideration for the university’s neutral role when students choose a union and unemployment insurance fund.

The university has received specific requests for current agreements with unions and unemployment insurance funds, and any contracts that do not meet the requirements in full will be rectified. 


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