News from the Senior Management Team no. 16/2019

9,678 dreaming of a degree programme at Aarhus University

This year a good number of students have again put Aarhus University at the top of their list. Aarhus University has received a total of 9,678 first-choice applications, and this is six per cent fewer than last year's record.

A rector and a pro-rector: Myths are blocking the way for many student’s choice of degree programme

For many young people, the choice of degree programme is a daunting prospect. In an article in the Danish newspaper Politiken on 2 July, a rector and a pro-rector address four persistent myths that are causing unnecessary concern. Instead, they encourage upcoming students to participate in a full study life and to engage with fellow students in the community.

The new Minister for Food, Mogens Jensen, visits Foulum

Sustainable food production was top of the agenda when Food Minister Mogens Nielsen visited AU at Foulum on Thursday 4 June. The minister saw a presentation of the latest research into the cultivating and refining green biomass and the production of protein. Research shows that a shift from annual to perennial crops could reduce agricultural discharges of nitrogen into the aquatic environment, and this could have significant a positive impact on a number of climate and environmental parameters. The minister also examined a new biorefinery, which will pave the way for green Danish protein production that, in the long term, could replace imports of protein, especially from South America.

Mogens Jensen expressed great enthusiasm for the preliminary results and the further work on combining plant, livestock and engineering sciences to develop more sustainable food production. The minister saw the research at AU as a very important contribution to the Government's goal of reducing carbon consumption by 70% by 2030.

EU project to pave the way for European university alliance

Together with five other research-intensive partners, Aarhus University has been awarded EU funding for a project that will generate new knowledge about transferable skills while also laying the foundation for a future university network.

As part of the project, the partners have to analyse ten educational initiatives in order to assess how each of them contributes to strengthening students’ general or interdisciplinary competences. At the same time, the two-year-long project will act as a stepping-stone towards enhancing the collaboration and, in 2020, the project will apply to become a European university alliance.

French President Macron was the first to present the idea of creating stronger networks between European universities to benefit researchers and students. Since then, the European Council and the European Commission have embraced the vision, and the first alliances were approved in June.

Summer greetings from the Dean of Arts

As the summer holidays approach, Dean Johnny Laursen wishes everyone at Arts a great summer. He talks about the both semester just past and the semester ahead.


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