News from the senior management team no. 31/2019

Eskild Holm Nielsen to become Dean of Faculty of Technical Sciences

Eskild Holm Nielsen has been selected as dean of the newly formed Faculty of Technical Sciences. Nielsen comes to AU from a position as head of innovation at Aalborg University Hospital. 

Comment from the rector on coverage of the beef case in the newspaper Information

Rector Brian Bech Nielsen has stressed in a newspaper article that the investigations by Science and Technology of 55 DCA reports were carried out at ST’s own initiative, and that the results of the investigation are a starting point for solving the problems that have arisen in the wake of the so-called beef case. Among other things, he points to five concrete initiatives to ensure that similar errors are avoided in the future.

The comment is a response to recent coverage of the beef case in the national newspaper InformationInformation was unable to publish the comment, so Aarhus University employees can read it here. 

University director: We need openness, patience and cooperation

Many new systems are currently waiting to be launched at AU, not least in the studies administration area. In light of the long-term change processes ahead, University Director Arnold Boon gives five perspectives on how the administration can help to guide the university through a time of change. He highlights that good solutions are developed through collaboration between the administration and the academic environments.

New studies administration systems – stay up-to-date!

Get an overview of changes in the studies administration area on a new website, which, under the heading ‘Den digitale studierejse på AU’ (The digital academic journey at AU), is a gateway to coordinated initiatives across the new systems.

Huge sums from the Carlsberg Foundation for AU researchers

The Carlsberg Foundation has granted DKK 204 million to 134 young up-and-coming researchers and young newly appointed associate professors with visionary research ideas and projects. Thirty researchers from AU have received grants totalling more than DKK 47 million.

Of the total DKK 400 million distributed by the Carlsberg Foundation so far this year, AU has received more than DKK 121 million.


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