News from the Senior Management Team contains information about current activities and discussions for all members of staff at the University of Aarhus. It is published every week – apart from holidays and public holidays. On this page, you can see the newsletters distributed in 2021. 

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38 (22.12.2022)

Heartfelt thanks to you all • Temporary extension of taximeter • AU researchers recieve major AUFF grants

37 (19.12.2022)

Statement: Looking forward to a dialogue with our new minister • A hope that buildings listing can be limited • The partial hiring freeze will continue through February • New online portal to support quality assurance work at AU • Centre for cybersecurity will make Aarhus more secure

36 (12.12.2022)

Large budget deficit in 2022 puts pressure on AU budget for 2023 • New faces on the board • Kristian Thorn is new university director • Universities Denmark: We want to reform our degree programmes, but not at the expense of quality • AU honoured by the business community with innovation award • DKK 15 mill. from Novo Nordisk for basic research at Natural Sciences • Carlsberg Foundation funds 15 PhD fellows at the Faculty of Arts

35 (06.12.2022)

Rector warns about expiry of taximeter increase • Greenhouse gas emissions report 2021: No change in AU’s CO2 emissions • Tech: New vice-dean for public sector consultancy • Twelve AU researchers receive Sapere Aude grants • DKK 130 mill. for study programmes in quantum technology • Apply for funding from the AUFF in 2023 • AU student wins award for thesis on the Danish realm • Sound brings AU and Struer Municipality together • Remember to register your publications in PURE

34 (24.11.2022)

University elections 2022 are over - two new student representatives elected to the university board • The ERC awards Starting Grants to three researchers at AU • Five Health researchers receive more than DKK 25 million for neuro research • AU talents receive Inge Lehmann grants

33 (17.11.2022)

AU Launch fuels entrepreneurial dreams • University elections have begun • DKK 200 million from Novo Nordisk for research into plant-based diets • Four AU researchers win funding for innovative research to boost the green transition • Deans and centre director: Invest broadly in new climate technologies

32 (09.11.2022)

AU Launch fuels entrepreneurial dreams • Aarhus Symposium looks north • New fellowships on offer from AIAS • Dean of Health: Work environment and study environment must remain top priority

31 (04.11.2022)

Tribute to AU's top athletes • AU awarded Europe’s third highest amount of funding from Horizon Europe • Two top researchers from AU receive ERC grants • Talent prizes to three early-career researchers from Health

30 (12.10.2022)

University elections are approaching • Consider the climate when you travel • New passageway unites the University Park and University City • Dean of Arts: Proposal based on misunderstandings rather than facts • Circle U. offers seed funding to researchers and students • Department of Animal Science gets a new name • AU to recruit a new university director • Election debate with party leaders and top politicians • Finance Act and gender equality discussed at the latest meetng of the Main Liaison Committee

29 (29.09.2022)

The government wants less education – we prefer more collaboration • Strong support for energy-saving campaign at AU • Entrepreneurship is flourishing at AU • Circle U. is ready to challenge students at AU • Other news from Circle U. • Novo Nordisk awards DKK 1,5 billion for a new quantum computer • DKK 15 mill. from Novo Nordisk for research infrastructure • Villum Synergy grants for 11 AU researchers • Tech dean: Shortage of engineers threatens the green transition

28 (16.09.2022)

Annual celebration 2022: AU celebrates the anniversary of its founding • The 2022 distinguished alumna: The Hippocratic oath knows no bounds • Travel grants given to five AU students • This year's anniversary awards go to two AU researchers • This year's honorary doctorates conferred

27 (13.09.2022)

Fewer applicants to Danish universities: How we can ensure a well-educated labour force for all sectors • Political agreement in place: Health to educate more dentists • The government's energy savings plan means lower temperatures at AU • Director of Enterprise and Innovation at AU: Collaboration between universities and the business community is central in the fight against climate change • Interim executive management team appointed until new university director has been found • This year's recipient of the Jens Christian Skou Award has been selected • Villum Experiment grants to ten AU researchers • AUH opens the new Forum building

26 (05.09.2022)

AU anticipates budget shortfall and introduces cutbacks • Proposal to list the University Park and several buildings in the park under consideration • University director Arnold Boon to stop at AU

25 (30.08.2022)

Birgitte Nauntofte to be new chair of the board • New science park can now be realised • AU has an active role in new partnership on child research • AU appoints five honorary doctors • Horizon Europe grant for two researchers at Arts • AU projects can apply for seed funding from SHAPE • Come to the Hearts and Minds Festival

24 (24.08.2022)

Brian Bech Nielsen to be the new chair of Universities Denmark • New Danish initiative to help Ukrainian refugee researchers • Rising electricity prices require urgent action • Reflections: Now published in America as well • Dean and vice-deans: Medical PhD’s are a crucial investment • Director of Enterprise and Innovation: With women onboard, entrepreneurship in Aarhus can reach new heights • New AU grant will boost business ideas with big potential • Two new collaboration agreements to contribute growth and knowledge • AU wins all three H.C. Ørsted Awards • Apply for grants from the Aarhus University Research Foundation (AUFF) 2022 • AU seminar for new members of staff • Centre for Educational Development invites you to an inspirational afternoon • Overview of this year's admissions to AU

23 (12.07.2022)

The rector's office wishes you a wonderful summer • Connie Hedegaard: AU is in really good shape • KOT 2022: Large number of applications to Aarhus University • Start-up of veterinary medicine programme at AU Viborg to be postponed to 2024 • The plans for Katrinebjerg are now in place • AU to participate in five new French Circle U. projects • Language courses offered to all AU students • Director of Enterprise and Innovation: AU entrepreneurs create growth in rural areas • The world is drowning in plastic: New centre to find solutions • NERD grants awarded to four researchers from Natural Sciences • The green transition: AU researcher to head new expert group

22 (28.06.2022)

The government's proposal for the admissions system has good intentions, but... • New study: Entrepreneurship at Danish universities is thriving • New cooperation agreement with the Municipality of Holstebro • Associate professor receives prestigious Anders Jahre award • AU researchers contribute to sustainable transport solutions of the future • Arts researchers receive millions for research into digital innovations • Pro-rector: Follow your educational dreams – and keep your eyes open as you do • Dean and vice-dean: A new framework agreement is a ticking time bomb for the green transition • AU’s guidelines for remote working have been updated

21 (14.06.2022)

3MT: AU PhD student takes first prize at European research communication competition • AU students are a hit with the business community • The University of Copenhagen and AU: Maintain quota 1 – but revise quota 2 • Three basic research centres coming to AU • Grant attracts leading pollen researcher to AU • Knowledge and visions from Aarhus University at Denmark's political festival

20 (09.06.2022)

HM the Queen visits her old university • Five foundations grant DKK 0.25 Billion for the new pioneer centre • AU professor honoured with the prestigious Kavli Prize • iNANO appoints new head

19 (30.05.2022)

From drones to covid: Awards ceremony in the Main Hall • EU politicians given green tips during their visit to AU Foulum • iNANO: Groundbreaking research centre celebrates 20 years

18 (20.05.2022)

Statement from the senior management team: Speak out about good research practice • Excellent Independent Research Fund Denmark results for 57 AU researchers • Three AU researchers receive generous grants from the Novo Nordisk Foundation • Rector: Differences of opinion are the lifeblood of a university • Dean of Natural Sciences: Basic research is the foundation of the solutions of the future

17 (11.05.2022)

Full house and focus on the brain at Matchpoints 2022 • More flexibility for AU bachelor’s students • Current offers for researchers and PhD students • Novo Nordisk awards DKK 150 million for research into antibiotic resistance • Engineers win trophy

16 (03.05.2022)

AU researcher receives Research Communication Award 2022 • Time went fast at the Festival of Research • ERC Advanced Grant for AU researcher • Three AU researchers to become Lundbeck Foundation Fellows • Two AU professors at the National Academy of Sciences • AU to award science prizes 2022 – register now

15 (27.04.2022)

Campus development: Large new building with 37,000 m2 floorspace • Head of department to continue at the Department of Food Science • New administrative centre manager at Health • Affiliated professor appointed as special adviser for Vestager • Experience the Festival of Research • It's time for this year's Regatta • Get your running shoes on • Climate strategy and finances among the topics at the latest HSU meeting

14 (27.04.2022)

Statement on freedom of expression: There must be space for different opinions at a university • Statement on the first report by the Reform Commission • Financial statements 2021: A satisfactory result • Director of AIAS: A ‘no’ suddenly has serious implications • Director of enterprise and innovation: more women to take the entrepreneurial route • Take a look inside AU's new CO2 centre

13 (07.04.2022)

The board: Bech Nielsen will continue as rector • Rector: A privilege to chart the course for AU

12 (06.04.2022)

WPA: Employees thriving, despite Covid and challenging workloads • AU will get a new chair of the board in December • New partnership to pave the way for bio-based businesses

11 (30.03.2022)

New partner house in the University City • AU reactions to the relocation agreement • Stronger collaboration with municipalities in Central and Western Jutland • Edu-IT: AU’s visions up for debate • More on offer from Circle U. • AU builds university alliance • AU and industry join forces for better and cheaper medicines

10 (25.03.2022)

Political agreement: Relocation agreement now a reality

9 (23.03.2022)

New research centre brings together all eight Danish universities • Quota 2: 5,938 applicants have AU at the top of their list • Iconic building for brain treatment • AU researcher receives ERC Consolidator Grant • Theology researcher receives Nordic research award • Dean of Aarhus BSS we have to strengthen the mathematics skills of both economists and engineers • Vice-dean to continue at Arts • Strong support for WPA 2022 • Greener food for meetings and conferences at AU • New AU website gathers information on consequences of Russian invasion for AU • Invitation from Sandbjerg Estate to a new research festival

8 (11.03.2022)

AU to welcome refugee researchers • AU and Herning Municipality in renewed collaboration agreement • New head of the School of Culture and Society • Health dean on relocation and shortage of dentists: Remember the facts • DKK 20 mill. from Trygfonden for strategic partnerships on child development • AUH is among the 20 best hospitals in the world

7 (02.03.2022)

Universities suspend collaboration with Russia and Belarus

6 (02.03.2022)

Well on the way with the green transition • New quality assurance policy for teaching and learning at AU • Board approves education report 2021 • Nine new laboratories inaugurated at AU in Herning • Student Survey 2021: Read the results • Professor Felix Riede hailed with the Eliteforsk Prize 2022 • DKK 25 million bolsters research into stem cells • Workplace assessment questionnaire on the way to all staff

5 (16.02.2022)

Pro-rector: Admission system needs improving for quota 2 • New strategy at Tech: Focus on green solutions and digital transformation • Denmark concludes new agreement with the publisher Wiley: Free reading access to research publications • Congratulations to the Student Council • DKK 50 mill. for research into covid-19 • Special ERC grant for AU researcher • An unusual grant story • AUFF applications now open • Share your knowledge at the Festival of Research under the theme of time • The Festival of the Century: Revolution

4 (10.02.2022)

COVID-19 news • AU's statement on freedom of expression is in consultation • AU in new collaboration agreement with Skive Municipality on climate and the environment • Dramatic decrease in AU’s carbon emissions in 2020 • New accelerator programme to help life science researchers • International top researchers set up at AU • Six new Villum Young Investigators at AU • Health receives share in DKK 38 million for better cell research • New promotion programme to strengthen research careers at AU

3 (25.01.2022)

Chair of the board to politicians: We’ll take it from here • Political agreement secures taximeter increase • New partnership agreement underpins collaboration between the city of Aarhus and AU • Find out more about the brain • Strategy for European Universities • Health receives a share in the new national research academy • Three early-career AU researchers receive ERC Starting Grants • DKK 25 million for research in osteoporosis • AU action plan 2022 maintains focus on the core tasks of the strategy • WPA 2022 to start soon • New HR system to be introduced at AU • AU's director of enterprise and innovation invites you to a new year's reception on business collaboration and innovation

2 (17.01.2022)

The campus-centred university is at the core of AU's institutional plan

1 (14.01.2022)

AU's strategic framework contract signed • More climate-friendly travel policy in consultation • First department relocates to the University City • New space centre opens at AU • Three AU researchers receive DKK 94 million from the Lundbeck Foundation • New deputy director for AU student administration and services • Covid: We are monitoring the situation closely • News from the Main Liaison Committee (HSU)