News about AU's work on sustainability

29.06.23: AU is now on the road to a better waste-sorting system

27.06.23: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report 2022: AU is on the right track, but continued focus on carbon emissions is crucial

14.03.23: Something green is cooking at AU

16.12.22: Energy consumption: Thanks to a joint effort, impressive reductions have been achieved

AU’s 2021 greenhouse gas emissions report: No change in AU’s CO2 emissions over 2021

06.10.22: Join the new carpooling club at AU to give or get lifts

04.10.22: Consider the climate when you travel

26.09.22: Strong support for energy-saving campaign at AU

15.03.22: Firing up for vegetarian dishes at meetings and conferences

02.03.22: Promising signs for AU’s green transition

27.01.22: Dramatic decrease in AU’s carbon emissions in 2020

10.01.22 Proposed new travel policy encourages less and more climate-friendly work travel

17.09.21: New campaign to encourage cycling to work

16.06.21:Green Guide: Help make AU more climate friendly

25.03.21: More green areas earmarked for biodiversity at AU

25.02.21: 68 new climate initiatives will pave the way for a greener university

10.12.20: Good points in the AU greenhouse gas emissions report for 2019

29.10.20: AU is setting all thermostats at 21 degrees Celsius to reduce its climate footprint

21.10.20: Climate-friendly cars roll onto campus

21.09.20: AU has to fell four oak trees – maybe you have some bright ideas about how to reuse them?

18.08.20: Climate strategy: AU to launch 44 green initiatives 

02.04.20: AU adopts ambitious new climate strategy

24.01.20: Buildings in the University City to get sustainability certification

13.12.19: AU climate strategy to be submitted for consultation

04.12.19: AU publishes its first climate accounts

15.08.19: Biodiversity in the middle of the University Park

25.03.19: The seeds of a more sustainable AU have been sown

25.02.19: A more sustainable AU

29.01.19: Aarhus University puts the UN Sustainable Development Goals on the map