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  • Sales invoices and payments - Receivables

Create a sales invoice

To create a new debtor or seller code please complete the form debitoroprettelse (Not translated).

If you are going to charge a client, you or your business controller / project finance administrator must fill in the Invoice form (Not translated).

You can complete the invoice basis or enter the information in an email to your business controller/project finance administrator (Not translated), who subsequently takes care of accounting and forwarding to Accounts.

Reminders - outstanding payments

If a payment is overdue, we will remind your customer about the outstanding payment.

For questions about reminders send an e-mail to or find contact information for a specific employee to the right. will receive a reply within 48 hours.


Cashier's Office

Opening hours:

  • Monday to Friday
    10:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m.

Expedition outside opening hours can be arranged by telephone:

  • 87 15 00 00

The cashier’s office is located at Trøjborgvej 82-84, Building 1918 (At the reception)

Bank details (Not translated)

If you need a bank receipt for your deposit send an e-mail to:

Expected payments or reimbursements

…which hasn’t been invoiced, please send an e-mail about the expected amount to:

Remember to list the name of the reimitter, amount, posting informations (type, project and activity*) and a text for the deposit in the subject line.

* Contact your business controller / project finance administrator for the posting informations.

  • Forwarding project funds

  • The sale of used AU equipment

  • Events permitted in the webshop

    • You can find information about permitted events on the webshop page (Not translated)

  • Invoice not received

  • Complaints (disagreements such as price, text, etc. on the invoice)

    • Call or send an e-mail to the contact indicated on the invoice.

  • An invoice regarding a continuing education:

    • EVU contacts:

      Rikke Korgaard Præstegaard
      E-mail: - tel. 87152657

      Science & Technology
      Lotte Lund Jensen
      E-mail: - tel.: 87152821

      Susanne Bilde: - tel. 87152806
      Tina Kjemsø
      Rikke Brixvold
      Susanne Jacobsen
      Marianne Gammelgaard (barselsafløser for Charlotte Stougaard)

      Aarhus BSS 
      Shared mailbox:
      Karin Møller Nielsen: - tel. 87152374

      Summer University for all Faculties:
      Rikke Hougaard Sørensen, tel. 8715 3617 or e-mail

  • Information on the sales invoice

    • Is the customer entitled to a PO number?

    • Contact at the customer

    • A clear and simple text on the invoice

    • Customer EAN number, if electronic invoicing is a possibility

  • Redemption of checks

    • In order to cash a check it must be issued to AU.

  • VAT (Not translated)

Mail to Accounts receivable

Address internal Mail to Accounts Receivable: "Regnskab-Debitorgruppen”

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