• Bank information

Payments must be made to:

Danske Bank, Holmens Kanal 2-12, 1092 København K

  • Account number 0216 4069053238
  • IBAN: DK8502164069053238
  • P-number: 1014119171
  • CVR: 31119103

Remember to list your customer no. and invoice number

When you pay the invoice amount, remember to list your CUSTOMER NO. + INVOICE NUMBER in the text field regarding the payment.

Special bank forms and certificates

You can obtain forms and certificates such as Financial Identification, W-8BEN etc. by contacting the Service Team (Accounts) via e-mail okodokumentation.oko@au.dk. Use the same e-mail if you need prefilled forms with the bank information of Aarhus University. 

It is possible to download AU's Official Certificate and Financial Identification on this site.

If you are expecting a payment

…without an invoice, it will be a great help if you would send an e-mail regarding the expected payment to:

List the name of the sender and the amount in the subject line, and specify the posting information (Arts no., case and case task) as well as the requested text on the payment, in the e-mail.