Brightspace change log

Here you can follow which significant changes have occurred in Brightspace over time. It can, for example, be changes in roles' rights, addition or removal of functionality, or otherwise.

Role/functionality/other Description and reasons Date
“Announcement” widget on BS homepage For greater visibility, the widget has been moved up to a position to the right of the ”My Courses” widget. 29. januar 2024
Self-enrollment in Groups Self-enrolment has been enabled again for students 8. dec. 2023
Self-enrollment in Groups The option for students to self-enroll has been temporarily disabled while problematic features in the tool are being investigated. 14. nov. 2023
Profile picture The column is displayed in Classlist again. 7. sep. 2023
Profile The tool has been turned ON again, showing only Picture and Awards Showcase. 1. sep. 2023
Content Progress The tool has been turned back ON. 1. sep. 2023
Class Progress The tool has been turned back ON, but displaying only selected indicators and only as User Progress; user can see only their own progress. No user can use the tool to access other users’ progress. 1. sep. 2023
Qwickly Tools The link ”Qwickly Tools” has been removed from the homepage navbar, because the license for the product Qwickly Course Tools has been discontinued. The tool had proven not to be compatible with Brightspace and the vendor will not change this. AU continues its license to use the tool Qwickly Attendance 10. aug. 2023
Content – Visibility New content topics are now visible by default. 03 jul. 2023
Discussions New design 03 jul. 2023
Meeting Scheduler New tool for scheduling of meetings between instructors and students. Link to guide: 03 jul. 2023
Qwickly Qwickly Attendance link has been removed from navbar/Course Tools due to limited usage. In stead links must be created in Content. Updated guide: 03 jul. 2023
Eduflow integration The following changes have been made in AU's setup of Eduflow. The features Messaging, Quiz, Poll, Discussions, Certificate, SCORM, and Checklist are now disabled in Eduflow. Instead, users can make use of similar features in the LMS Brightspace. The remaining features, including Submission, Video Content, Self-review, Embed, Group formation, Tag selection, Score, Grade Passback, Peer review, Instructor review, Group member review, and Feedback reflections, can be used to facilitate peer feedback as usual. 31 jan. 2023
Content Editor New design 22. dec. 2022
Quiz Editor New design 22. dec. 2022
Profile picture The column is no longer included in the Classlist. Cf. that the Profile tool is switched off while the purpose is investigated more closely (GDPR). 20. dec. 2022
Content Progress Tool switched off while purpose is investigated more closely (GDPR). 6. dec. 2022
Profile Tool disabled while purpose is investigated further (GDPR). 16. nov. 2022
Class Progress Tool disabled while purpose is investigated further (GDPR). 18. oct. 2022


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