Frequently asked questions

Please remember, you can find all of our Brightspace tutorials at AU Educate. This FAQ primarily contains topics of a more administrative nature.

If you cannot find answers to your questions, please contact the CED-Support.

How to I sign in to Brightspace?

Follow this guide to find out how you can sign in to Brightspace:

Why is my course labled "Ended"?

When your course reaches its end date, a label will appear on the course that says "Ended" as in the picture here. This is solely to indicate that the course has been completed and that there will be new courses for the coming semester. All participants in the course can still access the course and its content and participants will also continue to receive notifications if content and messages are added.

How do I change my Brightspace email address?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to change email addresses through Brightspace, as Brightspace pulls the email address from other systems. Instead, it will be in these systems that the email address needs to be changed.

The display of private or non-AU company addresses will be set when an email address is entered in the category Visningsmail (display email) in AU’s Medarbejderstamkort.

You will need to have your email address changed in this system or remove the Visningsmail entirely if you have been granted an AU employee email address – or if you want to use a student email address ( instead.

Contact your local HR partner or your local master data editor for changes to your email. 

What is a Discover course?

The vertical menu bar on the frontpage of Brightspace has three menu items: Home, Discover, and Help

A Discover course is a course that is open for self-enrollment. This means that students and staff can register for the course themselves if they find it interesting and relevant.

From the navigation bar, click Discover. Here you can search in courses by entering words that match course titles and descriptions. Only courses that allow self-enrolment are displayed in the search results.

The Discover courses are open for self-enrollment for all users of AU's Brightspace. If a course is only relevant for, for example, one faculty or a specific target group, this should be clearly stated in the course name or course description.

How do I unregister from a Discover course?

  1. Go to the Discover menu item and type the course name or parts of it in the search field.
    Initially, the course does not show up.
  2. On the Sort button, sort by Already Enrolled, and all your Discover courses will appear.
    Screenshot: Sort button found on the right side of the screen.
  3. Click on the course from which you would like to unregister.
  4. On the three dots next to the blue Open Course button, you will find the Unenroll item.
    Screenshot: The unenroll button is in a drop down menu at the three dots next to the button called Open Curse

Why doesn't my Brightspace course have a Panopto folder?

Before you can save Panopto videos in your Brightspace course, you must first create the Panopto folder. You can easily do this by going to your Brightspace course and selecting Panopto in the navigation bar:

What is the benefit of using Panopto for my videos?

You can see all the benefits of using Panopto here:

What is the difference between a Unit, Lesson, and Folder?

Unit, lesson, and folder is just a way to describe the three levels in which you can create items.

Unit is the first level. Lesson and folder are in the second and third level.

You decide how you want to use the three levels. You do not have to use all of the levels in your course.

Example of how you can utilize the three levels

For example, your units can be week numbers, lessons can be the topics to go over in the given week, and folders can be a collection of the material used for a given topic.

You can find more inspiration on utilising the units, lessons, and folders in the Brightspace Online Course.

Please note that if you only use units, lessons, and folders as empty containers with directions on the outside of the folder, the text will not appear in the students’ Pulse app.

Why can a student not see his/hers course?

In Brightspace, students will see subjects they are enrolled in through study administration systems. The courses will automatically be visible to registered students 14 days before the start of the semester, unless you manually open the course for your students ahead of time. The idea is that you and your fellow teachers have the opportunity to prepare the course in peace and quiet before the students arrive.

If a student still can't see the course after it opens, the student must contact the local Faculty's Study Service / Study Administration:

Arts (Study Centre)

BSS (Contact IT support) 

Health (Studies Administration) 

Nat (Contact the course coordinator or IT Support)

Tech (Contact the course coordinator or IT Support)

Students taking the course again or others who are not formally registered for the course, but you allow to access the course, you can associate with the appropriate role (Guest - Read Only; Instructor; Student; Teaching Assistant; Visiting Instructor) - You can find a guide to how here: 

Why can I not see my course?

If you are missing a course that you have to teach in the coming semester, contact the following, depending on which faculty you come from:

Arts (Study Centre)

BSS (Contact IT support) 

Health (Studies Administration) 

Nat(Contact the course coordinator or IT Support)

Tech (Contact the course coordinator or IT Support)

How do I get a new instructor into Brightspace before the contract start date?

When a newly hired VIP needs access to Brightspace before the actual start date of their employment contract, they are considered an external user until the employment relationship begins.

Such "early starters" must be created in the role application with a temporary LMS role until their employment begins.

If you cannot create the individual via the role application, ask your department secretary who can assist you.

Subsequently, an "early start" is created as a user in Brightspace and can be assigned to relevant courses.

Why can't I view or upload content on Brightspace?

You can recognize this error by the fact that when you upload a file to Brightspace, you get a gray square that fills most of Brightspace, after which Brightspace (in some cases) freezes.

This problem is often caused by using the Safari browser. This is now a known bug that has been reported to the developers of Brightspace who are working to get it fixed as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there is no time horizon for when the error will be resolved. In the meantime, we recommend using one of the three other browsers that Brightspace supports, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.


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