Insurance in connection with travelling abroad

Travel insurance policy for Danish government employees 

Applies to employees at Aarhus University and persons travelling for AU funds or funds managed by AU.

The travel insurance policy for Danish government employees is part of the Danish state’s self-insurance. The Ministry of Finance’s agreement with the travel insurance company Europæiske is an administrative agreement only, which means that Aarhus University must pay compensation in the event of a claim, but Europæiske will assess whether there is a claim that Aarhus University is liable for.

Insurance card

It is not a requirement to own or bring a physical card to be covered by AU’s travel insurance policy for Danish government employees at Europæiske. If you need to use the insurance during a trip abroad and you do not have the physical card, all the necessary information and contact information can be found at  

Period of cover

The insurance scheme covers travels abroad only. The travel insurance provides cover from the time when the employee leaves his/her home or place of work to travel to a destination abroad. There is no coverage between the employee’s home and place of work.