Special holiday allowance has been increased and replaces Store Bededag pay supplement.

As part of the OK24 agreement, the negotiating parties have agreed to increase our special holiday allowance to 2.02 per cent. This increase has replaced the pay supplement that was introduced to compensate us for the abolition of Store Bededag (‘the great day of prayer’). The Store Bededag supplement stopped being paid on 1 April 2024. In your May paycheck, you will receive the Store Bededag supplement and the special holiday allowance as one amount with the salary code 5030. This amount will include the special holiday allowance at 1.5 per cent for the period 01.09.23 to 31.03.24, the special holiday allowance at 2.02 per cent for the period 01.04.24 to 31.05.24, and the Store Bededag pay supplement at 0.45 per cent for the period 01.01.24 to 31.03.24.


Calculation of fictiv

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