Probationary period

Who do these rules apply to?

All salaried technical and administrative staff and managers at Aarhus University with an average number of working hours of at least eight hours per week.

The rules regarding probationary periods can also be applied to academic staff, including part-time lecturers.

The rules concerning the probationary period are laid down in the Danish Salaried Employees Act (FUL, section 2).

At Aarhus University, a probationary period of three months is agreed on employment of external technical and administrative staff. A probationary period can also be agreed in connection with employment of academic staff. The terms of the probationary period must be provided in the certificate of employment, for example – “The first three months of your employment constitute a mutual probationary period.”

During the probationary period, your employment may be terminated by the university subject to at least two weeks’ notice (FUL, section 2(5)), while termination on your part may take place without notice (FUL, section 2(6)).

Internal transfers (within AU’s field) will not trigger a new probationary period.