Erasmus+ staff mobility in Europe

Academic and administrative staff at Aarhus University can apply for an Erasmus+ grant for a short-term teaching or training experience at a university or an organisation in an Erasmus+ programme country.

You can read about the two stay types (teaching and training) and the application criteria below. 

The deadline to apply for an Erasmus+ staff exchanges that takes place in the spring semester of 2024 is 15 January 2024. 

The application period for autumn semester will be from June 1st to August 15th 2024. 

If you choose a Circle U. partner as your exchange destination, your application will be prioritised. What is Circle U.

Staff Mobility for Training

A staff mobility for training can include the following types of activities:

  • A visit to a company or an organization in an Erasmus+ programme country.
  • Study stay at an Erasmus partner institution or another European university that participate in the Erasmus+ programme.
  • Courses, including language courses, seminars and workshops that take place in an Erasmus+ programme country and that are relevant for your daily work. 
  • The grant cannot be used for conferences such as EAIE.

Staff Mobility for Teaching

A Staff Mobility for Teaching is a stay at an Erasmus+ partner institution where you teach the students at the partner institution. It is a requirement that you partcipate in teaching activities for at least 8 hours per week during the exchange.

You may combine teaching with training activities. If you carry up both types of activities, your weekly teaching obligation during the stay will be reduced to 4 hours. 

Application criteria

To be eligibe for an Erasmus+ grant, you must meet the specific criteria for either a training or a teaching mobility as listed above. The following general criteria also apply:

  • You are an Aarhus University employee.
  • Your host institution is located in an Erasmus+ programme country.
  • You have obtained approval from your superior.
  • The duration of the stay aborad is minimum 2 days and maximum 2 months. However, only a maximum of 12 days of Erasmus+ support can be granted including travel days.
  • You retain your salary during your stay.

List of countries that participate in the Erasmus+ programme

Grant rates and grant rules

The Erasmus+ grant is a financial contribution to your stay abroad. It will most likely not cover all of your expenses. It is important that you agree with your superior on how to fund the expenses that will not be covered by the Erasmus+ grant.

The grant is made up of a daily allowance and a travel allowance. The applicable rates are set by the EU Commission. The daily amount is EUR 140-180 and travel support is EUR 180-275. Both depend on your host country. 

The grant can be used as a contribution to transportation, hotel costs and daily necessities as per regular AU travel rules.

The grant cannot be used to cover course fees.

Application and decision

You apply online via the Erasmus+ portal in MoveON

The processing time is 3-4  weeks. You will be notified by e-mail of the outcome of your application. If you are awarded an Erasmus+ grant, you will receive a "Mobility Agreement" that must by signed by you, your superior and the host institution. Once you have submitted the signed "Mobility Agreement" on the Erasmus+ portal, you will receive a the final contract and information about the size of your Erasmus+ grant. 

After the stay abroad

After your staff exchange you must:

  • Complete an online EU survey (you will receive an automated email with a link to the survey) 
  • Submit a "Certificate of Attendance" signed by the host institution via the Erasmus portal
  • Submit a copy of your completed and approved travel expense form from RejsUd as well as information about the AU project number the grant must transferred to via the Erasmus portal

Grant payment

The grant will be transferred to the AU project number you have indicated when the required documentation has been submitted.