As an official authority the University of Aarhus receives information on names and addresses from the Central Office of Civil Registration (the CPR-Office).

The Danish CPR-registration system contains the official name as given name, middle name and surname but also a addressing name which is used on eg. the health certificate. The addressing name is the same as your official name if it contains less than 34 characters. Otherwise the surname is kept and at least one of the names in the given name is used.

You can no longer include your maiden name in your addressing name, however, if your maiden name was registered before 2006 it will be included.

Your address of residence is also registered. You have to contact the Citizen Service in your municipality to have it registered. The university will automatically receive this address.

Temporary CPR-number

Several of the administrative systems at the university uses the CPR-number as an identification. If you don't have a proper danish CPR-number, the university will assign a CPR-number using one of two models:

  1. We use your birthday written as dd-mm-yy and adds 6 to the first digit - thus if you are born 23 April 1997 you will be assigned 830497 - and adds four random digits. The last one might indicate your gender (even for women,  odd for men) but it is not always the case. Thus we have a 10-digit "CPR"-number.
    This is used e.g. in the HR-systems at the university and by the self registration on mit.au.dk
  2. We use your birthday written as dd-mm-yy, three letters and a gender-digit (even for women,  odd for men). Thus we have a 10-char "CPR-number".
    This is used e.g. in the study-administrative systems (STADS etc.)

The first model has precedence over the second. Thus if you have been assigned a "CPR-number" using both models, it will be changed in STADS and other systems to the "CPR"-number using the first model.

If you have been assigned temporary CPR-number and has a proper danish CPR-number, you should inform the university. You can use the form. Otherwise students should use Change of CPR number and others should contact the administration at the department, which can request a change through "Your personal data card" (Stamkortet).  The request will typically be executed within 24 hours.

You can read more on www.cpr.dk/english, Citizen Service, Aarhus.