Financial Databases


There are a number of financial databases used by Business and Social Sciences. Below is a presentation of a selection of these databases.


Contains a number of different trades (M&A, IPO, etc.). More than 700.000 trades are contained in this database.


Contains a large quantity of company information (ratings, financials, market research.)

Wharton (WRDS)

WRDS contains several databases:

-        Compustat Global: Contains market data for companies

-        Compustat North America: Contains a large amount of financial information (Financial Statements, Quarterly statements, balances, etc.) from American and Canadian companies.

-        CRSP: Contains a large collection of different securities.

-        NYSE TAQ: Contains information about all securities traded on NYSE and AMEX as well as NMS.


The databases are freely accessible for employees at BSS and are administrated by the library. To access the databases Zephyr and Orbis one is to log on to the following site using a CampusNet-login:

For information about access to the remaining databases, the following website can be useful:


Below are guides for the individual databases:


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    Course Material

    Below the course material from current and previous courses is listed:

    Financial databases:

    The course is an introductory course for the financial databases: