Stata is a user-friendly all-round statistical, which is gaining popularity, especially within the health care and social sciences. Stata can be used for scientific analysis of quantitative data, data processing, basic uni- and bivariate analyses along with linear regression. Furthermore the program can be used for more advanced subjects, such as illustrating the results of interaction models.



AU IT offers employees at Political Science and Economics to buy a license for 300 DKK


    A license for this program is offered to employees and can be ordered from the following website:

    • PC-software

    The license will expire 31st of august 2018 no matter the date of payment.


    The program is normally installed through SCCM, if possible. If this is not possible due to the computer’s origin the program is installed manually, which is done by the Servicedesk at your current location, which will contact you as soon as your license is ready and the program can be installed.


    Official guide:


    Analytics Group does not conduct courses for this program at the given time, but upon request a course can be arranged. This is done by contacting with the requested content for the course and requested duration, after which a course structure will be suggested that are consistent with the given requests.