Practical feasibility

Practical feasibility

What makes you/your research group particularly qualified to carry out the project, and why is the host organisation particularly suitable? The section on practical feasibility in the project description must convince the evaluator that the project is realistic and that it can feasibly be carried out within the project period.

In this section, you should account for the following:

  • Where the work will be performed
  • The members and partners of the project group
  • Who is responsible for the individual elements of the project
  • That the project team possesses the competences necessary to carry out the project
  • That you have/the team has access to the necessary infrastructure, etc. (for example, special equipment, good professional networks/community and affiliated administrative staff)
  • Any other conditions that are relevant for the completion of your project.


Proposals often have greater impact if you have a broad network and international partners. However, be careful not to namedrop. Only name the most important partners who you expect will contribute to the project, and describe specifically how each partner will contribute.

Templates for Gantt charts

You will find templates for Gantt charts at under ‘Advice and tools for your grant proposal’ (the section entitled ’The project description, schedule and activity plan’).