About the Research Support Office

The Research Support Office helps researchers find relevant sources of funding, prepare proposals and administer complex EU projects.

We also contribute to national and international research agendas.

We are here to help you with:

  • Fundraising and preparing proposals
  • The proposal – structure, language and quality assurance
  • Funding strategies
  • New knowledge through workshops, courses, presentations about national and European grant sources.
  • Overview of relevant databases
  • Bibliometric analyses and assistance when searching for information
  • Project administration.

Please note that not all programs are supported.

  • Fundraiser team
    This team offers professional consultancy services regarding grant sources and support during the proposal writing process.
  • Projectadministration team
    This team offers professional administrative support through all project phases.
  • Strategy team
    This team follows and provides input for national as well as international research policies in order to create the best possible conditions for getting reseach grants.
  • The Research Support Office, Internal Support. This team offers secretarial services, bibliometrics and IT system development.