The title is your evaluator’s first impression of your project. For this reason, it’s important to choose a clear, precise title that succeeds in selling your project without exaggerating. 

Remember that your title should be both accurate and appetising:

  • The title has to excite the evaluator’s interest.
  • The title also has to convey the essential information in the project description.

In addition, your title should sound professional. Avoid trendy or slangy titles.

Good titles are usually simple and direct, and they describe:

  • What you want to do (the objective of the project)
  • What will come out of the project (result/product/outcome/effect/application....)

For this reason, it’s a good idea to use action-oriented verbs in the heading that descrive what you intend to do and/or what will result from the project (for example ‘develop’, ‘produce’, ‘prevent’, ‘reduce’, etc.)

Remember that the title of a proposal does not have to be identical with the title of your research project description/protocol.