The Research Practice Committee

Anyone who suspects a breach of responsible conduct of research or pressure on freedom of research at Aarhus University can bring the case before the Research Practice Committee. However, if the case involves pressure on freedom of research, the complainant must make an attempt to resolve the issue through dialogue with the party/parties involved before reporting the case. The complainant may seek assistance from their immediate supervisor or the faculty’s advisers on the responsible conduct of research and pressure on freedom of research.

Regardless whether the substance of the case involves questionable research practices, research misconduct or pressure on freedom of research, the complainant is responsible for documenting and providing evidence of the suspected breach of responsible conduct of research or exerted pressure on freedom of research.

The Research Practice Committee can consider cases of questionable research practices or pressure on freedom of research. If a case involves questions of research misconduct, the case will be submitted to the Danish Committee on Research Misconduct for consideration at national level.

The Research Practice Committee concludes its cases by submitting a statement to the rector. The statement contains an account of the facts of the case, and in addition a recommendation regarding sanctions or other measures in response to the case where relevant.

You can find find The Research Practice Committee's report for 2021 here (pdf in Danish only).


Palle Bo Madsen

Professor Department of Law


Kirsten Frandsen

Professor School of Communication and Culture - Media Studies

Jette Kofoed

Associate Professor Danish School of Education - Education Studies, Emdrup

Aarhus BSS

Tom Engsted

Professor Department of Economics and Business Economics

Liisa Lähteenmäki

Professor Department of Management


Ask Vest Christiansen

Associate Professor Department of Public Health - Sport Science

Vibeke Bælum

Professor Department of Dentistry and Oral Health - Oral Epidemiology and Public Health

Natural Sciences

Susanne Bødker

Professor Department of Computer Science

Kristian Hvidtfelt Nielsen

Associate Professor Department of Mathematics - Science Studies

Technical Sciences

Jens Malmkvist

Senior Researcher Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences - ANIVET Behaviour, stress and welfare (BSW)

Preben Kidmose

Professor Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering - Biomedical Engineering