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The Research Support Office is continuously hosting workshops regarding the art of writing an application and information meetings regarding EU or other funders. We are continuouly working on new courses and events, and we welcome your ideas.

Good Grantmanship and the Danish Funding Landscape, August 28th 2019 – for students and employees at Science and Technology

Target group

International as well as Danish PhDs and postdocs at the Faculty of Science and Technology with little or no experience in grant writing.


The purpose of the workshop is to give the participants an intensive introduction to the component parts of the grant proposal, how they fit together, and how writers can ensure that each part supports the overall argument and which techniques to use when writing your proposal. The purpose of the workshop is also to introduce the Danish funding landscape and AU internal procedures regarding proposal submission.

Workshop content

The workshop will be delivered as a combination of presentations, group work and discussions.  The presentations will cover:

  • What do reviewers want to see?
  • What are the component parts of the proposal?
  • How to compose each part of the proposal?
  • Who are the most important Danish funders, and what do they support?
  • Which procedures do you need to observe in the proposal phase?

In the group work, participants will discuss the drafts of the objectives and perspectives section of their individual projects and do a mock review of a sample proposal.

Participant requirements

Before the workshop, participants are expected to have read the ‘advice and tools for your grant proposal’ on the RSO website.

The group work will require that the participants are prepared:

  • to forward a “one page proposal” to the presenters before the day of the workshop.
  • to share their draft with the other participants.
  • to enter into constructive discussion of the drafts of the other participants in the group.


Practical information

Time:              28th August 2019 at 9.00 - 12.00

Venue:            To be announced

Registration:   Link will follow


Please bring your laptop to the workshop. You will need it for the group work.

The workshop will be in English. Make sure to cancel your registration, if you are unable to attend.

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