Responsible conduct of research

Research is the foundation for all activities at Aarhus University. Therefore, we must strive to ensure the reliability and integrity of our research. This entails that everyone who conducts research at Aarhus University must act in accordance with the basic principles that constitute the foundation for all research.

Aarhus University works to ensure that research is conducted responsibly and to safeguard the freedom of research of the university and the individual researcher in different ways:


  • There are responsible research conduct and research freedom advisers at each faculty who are prepared to provide all employees at the university with advice and guidance.   
  • The Committee for Responsible Conduct of Research and Freedom of Research (the Research Practice Committee) handles cases regarding suspected research misconduct, questionable research practices and pressure on freedom of research.    
  • The Research Ethics Committee reviews research projects which are required by funders or journals to document ethical approval, but which are not regulated by the regional research ethics committees.    



  • There are courses for PhD students and academic staff members on responsible conduct of research and freedom of research. Find more information.