New addresses at Aarhus BSS

The relocation process at Aarhus BSS is drawing to a close. The Department of Management and the Department Economics and Business Economics are now gathered at Fuglesangs Allé and several of the school’s study and teaching areas have been upgraded. Here is an overview of the new locations:

One of the new study areas in the North-east Corner.
  • Department of Management: Fuglesangs Allé bldg. 2622, 2623, 2635, 2628.
  • Department of Economics and Business Economics: Fuglesangs Allé bldg. 2620, 2621, 2622, 2630, 2632, 2640, 2641.
  • Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL): North-east Corner bldg. 1323.
  • Omnibus: North-east Corner bldg. 1323.
  • The library staff: North-east Corner bldg. 1340 and 1342.
  • During the autumn, BSS Books will be moving to new premises at Fuglesangs Allé bldg. 2634.

See the new map of Fuglesangs Allé and the Northeast Corner.

For more information, please contact:

Jeannette Madsen

Tel.: +45 8715 3541
Mob.:+45 3115 7015.