Now students at Aarhus BSS will get one single access point to all study systems

Students at Aarhus BSS will now be able to access a new personalised portal where they can find all of their study-related information in one place. The portal gathers all of study-related information from the existing systems and provides the students with a single access point to information regarding their teaching and studies as well as to the self-service system.

On 1 November 2017, all students at Aarhus BSS will get access to the new personalised portal During the spring of 2017, the portal has been tested by students at Arts, and it has now been improved and adapted based on both their positive and critical feedback.

Simple, straightforward, and with a single login

Students use their WAYF login to access Once logged in, students will see a table with an overview of their teaching in the current week.

They will also be able to see:

  • their three most recent messages in BlackBoard
  • a list of the courses for which they are registered
  • their academic regulations and degree programme diagram
  • news, events and the most important sub-sites on the study portal.

Students will also gain direct access to a range of different study administrative systems such as, Student Self-Service (STADS) and digital exams. They can also access their AU mail account. Students can also access via a mobile phone or tablet.

Where does the information come from?

The information that the students can see is retrieved from already existing systems, e.g. Blackboard, Syllabus, Eddi and the study portals for students at Aarhus BSS. As such, the information will be updated in the same systems and in the same way as always.

What is new about the system?

The students will get:

  • a single point of access to all the information they need
  • a short-cut to the study-administrative systems
  • instant access to the information related to their specific degree programme, which means they no longer have to navigate their way through different versions of the academic regulations for their degree programme.

If you get any questions

If you get any questions from students about the content of, you are welcome to refer them to Aarhus BSS Study Service

If you or the students have any questions about the site itself, please ask the support office at

If you have any login problems or similar difficulties, IT Support at Aarhus BSS will be able to help.

Here you can also see what the site looks like on the web and mobile interfaces.