Guidelines regarding confidentiality and GDPR for appointment, assessment and advisory committees

As a participant in the recruitment process, you will be given access to all application materials from all applicants. This material is confidential. 

The purpose of these guidelines is to inform you on how to correctly use, register, process and store this data in accordance with the Danish Public Administration Act (Forvaltningsloven), the Danish Penal Code (Straffeloven) and personal data protection legislation.


You have a duty of confidentiality (see the Danish Public Administration Act and the Danish Penal Code) with respect to the confidential information to which you have access in the course of the recruitment process. For this reason, you may not share this confidential information with persons who are not involved in the recruitment process. Pursuant to the Danish Public Administration Act, information concerning the private circumstances of individuals is confidential. The information that a particular individual has applied for a position is confidential. 

The duty of confidentiality does not cease to apply when your employment at Aarhus University or assessment assignment for Aarhus University terminates, cf. the Danish Penal Code.

Use of IT systems

All data must be accessed and may only be processed in Aarhus University's e-recruitment system Emply Hire.

In addition to the duty of confidentiality, you must remember to comply with AU’s information security. For this reason, when working in the Emply Hire system, you must be careful to:

  • Activate a password-protected screen lock when leaving your workstation and when it is outside your field of vision.
  • Ensure that your computer and mobile devices automatically activate a screen lock after 5 to 10 minutes of inactivity.
  • Never share your password with other persons, not even colleagues.