Apple warns about security breach – update your iPhone and iPad immediately

If you use an iPhone, iPad or other Apple products for work purposes, you must update to the latest version of the operating system as soon as possible.

Apple warns that there has been found two serious security breaches in their devices which means that all staff must update iPhones, iPads and other mobile Apple devices to the latest software version iOS 15.6.1.

This will prevent hackers from using the vulnerability to take control of the devices.

DKCERT, which monitors digital threats to universities in Denmark, confirms that is a critical vulnerability which must be taken very seriously.

Head of security at Aarhus University also encourages all staff to update their devices at once.

“All staff who use iPhones or iPads should install the latest update immediately. It will only take a few minutes, and it will minimize the risk of attacks from hackers.”

To update their Apple devices, staff should go to Settings - General - Software Update. If the device has already been updated to iOS 15.3.1, the screen will read “Your software is up to date.”

Apple had a similar problem in February where an update was needed.

Do you need more help? 

If you have trouble updating you device, you’re welcome to contact your local IT support team