Phishing email in circulation: Do not click on links

IT Support has detected a phishing email aimed at AU employees, which asks employees to click on a link in order to migrate their Outlook account. This email is from a fake sender, and you should not click on the link.

The phishing email is sent from the email address It is signed from ‘ICT Help Desk’ (or ‘IKT Help Desk’ in Danish) and has the subject line ‘AW: Helpdesk’.

AU’s information security unit believes that the content of the email could be mistaken as legitimate.

The email contains the following text:

“We are migrating all email accounts to the new Outlook Web App 2023, and as such all active account holders must confirm and sign in to their account so that this upgrade and migration can take effect automatically and immediately. This is being done in order to improve security and efficiency in light of recent spam messages.

To avoid service interruptions, click on the link below to update your content.

Outlook Web App 2023 and log in to migrate account and block more spam mails.”

(Translation from the original Danish text)

Report phishing attempts

It does not matter if you open the email, but you may not click on the link. If you have received the email, please report it as a phishing attempt and then delete the email. You should alway report phishing-attempts.

To do this in Outlook click on the 'Report Message'-button in the top tight corner of the email in question.

AU is often the target of phishing emails. The university’s information security unit encourages all employees to be aware of the content of emails they receive as well as the sender’s address, which are often good indicators of whether a particular email represents a phishing attempt.

Read more about how to recognise phishing emails on AU’s information security webpage (In Danish only)

Need help?

Are you unsure whether an email you have received is a phishing attempt? Contact your local IT support team