Open Access policy at Aarhus University

Aarhus University supports the idea underlying the national Open Access strategy and wants to establish free access for all citizens, researchers and enterprises, to research publications produced as part of the research at AU. It is recommended that the University’s researchers ensure unrestricted digital access for the public to peer-reviewed research articles.

Freedom of research and an absolute requirement for quality assurance still apply. AU’s policy on Open Access or the ambitious targets set out in the national strategy do not, therefore, place limitations on the individual researcher’s free choice of publication channel.

This has the following implications for the University’s researchers:

"Peer-reviewed research articles, and as far as possible other research publications, are archived in Pure in full-text version and/or as a link, ideally supplemented by archiving in another online academic archive, with indication of whether the  publication is an Open Access version or, if relevant, subject to an embargo period."

In the boxes on the right, you can read more about how AU Library can assist in making publications available as OA available at your faculty.  

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