Known issues in Pure

Last updated: 1. october 2021.

Topics on this list are problems that we have identified, but to which we do not have an immediate solution. When we have found and implemented the solution, the topic is removed from this list.

Temporary system crashes and scheduled down-time etc. are announced on the Pure homepage.

Homepages in Google search results

There are personal AU homepages that do not appear in the search results when you search for a researcher (possibly including AU) on Google. One reason may be that the homepage is fairly new and has not yet been included in Google's indexing.

We do not know the other reason. We can only recognise that there are personal homepages that have existed for a longer period of time, but still do not appear in Google's search result. We have examined the homepages that fall through Google's otherwise finely masked net without finding a pattern that can explain the phenomenon. Without knowing what the problem is, we are unable to solve it. The are homepages in question are from both before and after the latest update of Pure. Our best guess is that Google has made some changes, that affects certain pages.

We have also become aware of a different issue. Google may show the CV-tab on the personal homepage as subpage. If the link is clicked, the pages is shown without the CV content. This happens because Google truncates the URL and is something we cannot control.

Please write to us at if you encounter this problem. The more examples we have, the better chance we have to identify the core cause.

Unnecessary repeats of organisational affiliations (Backend)

Due to a date-synchronisation error some users will notice that the same position at the same organisational unit is repeated under their organisational affiliations. The only difference being the period of employment. See example below:

We have cleaned up the errors we have found, and have consolidate the repeated affiliations into one continuous period of employment. If you see that the same affiliation repeated with multiple periods, write so we can look into it.