Become user in Pure

The most important criteria for becoming a user in Pure is to be registered in AU's Medarbejderstamkortet, which enables you to become an IT-user at Aarhus Universitet. Then, AU Pure can assign a role to you in Pure.

Registration in Medarbejderstamkortet

You have to be registered in AU's employee-registry system Medarbejderstamkortet before we can give you access to Pure.

Check if you are registered in Medarbejderstamkortet

Look up yourself by name on this webpage:

If your name does not come up in your search, likely, it is because you are not registered.

Contact your local superuser to get registered

You can find your local superuser and read more about Medarbejderstamkortet on this page:

There may be up to a day's delay from your get registered in the Medarbejderstamkortet till you are able to log in to Pure.

Role assignment in Pure

You will automatically be assigned the role of Personal User in Pure. That enables you to register your publications, activities, projects etc. and control the display of your personal information and content on your personal AU homepage.

If you have special tasks and need to expand your use of Pure, you need to send and email to with a description of the tasks you need to perform in Pure. In dialogue with you, we will assign you the roles and permissions that best suit your need.