Create unit in PURE

If you are unable to find your centre or research group, for example when you need to add an organisation to a publication, you can request that a centre or research group be created in PURE. With a unit in Pure, you are able to pull reports on how people with affiliation to the device publish, etc. This means that it will typically not be relevant for small research groups/units that do not have administrative staff.

Internal organisations that gets created as external organisations will be deleted, so please consider and decide, how your center/unit should be present in PURE, if at all.

Alternatively, you can set up a research group as a project and relate the relevant publications and activities to this. This can make it easier to create lists of publications for websites. Read more about projects here.

New units are set up twice a month: medio and ultimo.

Before you request

Before you request to have a unit created, please consider:

  • Will we produce reports on our production/activities in PURE? If so, who will take on that task?
  • Has our request for creation been approved by the head of department?
  • Would it be enough just to create a project?

How to request creation of new unit

To create a new unit, you must submit a request to the Unit register. Click here to go to the formula.

1) In Unit number and Danish name you insert the Unit-ID and name of the organisation directly above the unit, you want to create - typically an institute. You can find Unit-ID here.

2) In Type of request choose Creation of new subunit.

3) Under Activation date you choose today.

4) Attach documentation that your leader has approved the creation of the unit.