New profile overview

The profile overview gets a new look. It gives a better overview and makes it easier to keep up.

2019.08.16 | Camilla Dissing

Better overview

On August 29th, the profile overview in Pure gets a brand new look. The profile overview is the page in Pure where you work with your content and profile information. It is not your AU personal homepage at where your information is shown.

You do not need to do anything. The new profile overview appears automatically on August 29th 2019. You do not lose access to any content or functionality, and do not need to take any action after you log in.

The new design provides better overview, and significantly improves how you access content and work with your profile information in Pure.

PlumX and Pure data has been integrated into the new design, which makes it easy for you to follow how your research is used by others.

Another improvement is the way projects are featured with timelines, awarded funds, and related output from research.

A new guideline helps with becoming familiar with the organization and functionality of the new profile overview.

See what the new design looks like.

Please write if you have questions regarding the new profile overview page and Pure in general.