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Remember to register your sideline employment! Deadline: 1st of March 2024

As of 2023 it is mandatory that every employee must register sideline employment. Read more about what this means for you here.

As of 2033 all employees must register their sideline employment in PURE. This information will, among other things, contribute to increasing AU's transparency and at the same time highlight how the university and its employees' knowledge and competences are disseminated to society in many different ways. You can read more about the reasons why here.

The deadline for registering sideline employment carried out in 2023 is 1st of March 2024.

Sideline emplyment is registered in PURE under activities. You can find guidance on registration here.

You must fill in the field: Information on secondary employment. Select either Academic side occupation or Commercial side occupation. This is crucial for the usefulness of the registration.