News from PURE

BFI close down

In connection with the closure of BFI and there will be no BFI-harvest going forward, changes are made in Pure.

The Bibliographic Research indicator (BFI) and all related activities ceased December 2021. Therefore, no data will be harvested for BFI in the future. However, publications must be registered in Pure as before.

In support of BFI, information has been synchronized between Pure and the BFI system. These synchronization jobs will be deactivated in connection with the upgrade of Pure on 21 February 2022. After that, all BFI-related information remains static. In addition to the deactivation, the following changes will be made with the same upgrade:

  1. Under the menu item "BFI-Information" in the left-hand navigation, the "Test for BFI" button for BFI-triggering publications is disables, which means that it is not possible to test a publication for BFI points.
  2. Journals that were previously located in the central database are now in the local database along with the other journals created locally in Pure. Our plan is to find a solution where we can mark the journals from the central database in Pure backend, so that they appear at the top of the list of journals when searching and are easier to find.

It is still possible to see historical BFI data, including the publications ' BFI credits ' and journals’ ' BFI ' level from 2009-2020. A journal's latest BFI level still appears in the list of journals when the journal is linked to the publication. The historical information is available for some time into the future. We will announce well in advance before we remove this data. Other references to BFI can be found in a few places in Pure. These are removed from Pure when we are sure that they no longer serve any purpose.