Responsibility for registration

Deadline for submitting publications in Pure is January 15th the year af the publication is published.

That means that publications published in e.g. 2023 have to be fully registered in Pure by January 15th, 2024.

Timely submission in Pure is key to allow AU Pure enough time to validate submitted publications and to perform data quality assurance. Correct registration data gives you better control over what content is shown on your personal AU homepage.

Therefore, it is important that you submit all relevant publications to Pure and get them registered correctly.

What needs to be submitted

All publications that are published under the auspices of Aarhus Universitet must be submitted to Pure. That means that publications produced as part of an author's employment or engagement with Aarhus University must be submitted.

A publication is a published piece of research output. Publication can be through various channels. It does not matter whether the research is published as text in a book or journal, og whether it is published on the internet.

Who must submit publications to Pure

All researchers that are employed at or affiliated with Aarhus University must submit their publications to Pure.

To be affiliated means that the researcher is not employed at Aarhus University but produce publications under the auspices of the university. These persons might be:

  • Student who publish publications that without question can be categorised as research.
  • Ph.d.-students who have a permanent workspace at Aarhus University, but is financed by external funding, nut managed by Aarhus University
  • Professor emeritus and retired professors who are still doing research at the university
  • Researchers who are employed by a clinical department at the university hospital
  • Guest researchers who conduct research at Aarhus University

Who is responsible for submissions

As author you are responsible for submitting and registering your publications in Pure according to the rules set by AU.

Normally, you handle the actual submission yourself. Depending on the setup in your organisation, there may be a somebody assigned to assist with the registration process.

Submission process

AU Pure uses the workflow to control the validation tasks in Pure. The workflow is applied to all types of publications, and only to publications, not to any other content type.

When you have finished the registration process for a publication you can send it directly to validation. There is not approval process before the AU Pure team validates the publication.

Activities, project etc. that you register in Pure are not validated by the AU Pure team.

When you register a new publication in Pure, it will automatically get the workflow step "Entry in progress" assigned. Leave the publication at this step as long as the registration is incomplete, and as long as the publication has not been published in its final version.

If the publication is published as e-pub (ahead of print) you have to select publication status "e-pub ahead of print" and leave the workflow step at "Entry in progress". Please do not select "Published" as this status is for publications published in their final version.

2. For validation

A publication has to be published in its final version before you send it for validation.

To send a publication off to validation you need to set the workflow status to “For validation” after you have finished registering the publication. Technically, you need to set the publishing status to “Published” before you can select workflow status "For validation".

It is not permissible to use "Published" for publications that are e-publications published ahead of the printed version.

Remember to click "Save". Your submission is then picked up by the AU Pure team and validated.

3. Validated

The publication data has been validated by the Pure team and the submission process is complete.

If you edit a publication that has already been validated by the AU Pure team it is automatically sent for revalidation. That means that the AU Pure team revisits the publication to make sure the publication data still meets the quality standards.

Read more about Revalidation.

Has the publication already been submitted

It is likely that your publication has already been registered in Pure. The AU Pure team imports published publications from online sources continuously. Or, a co-author or helpful colleague may have submitted the publication before you. Therefore, it is important that you check before you start your registration. Read how to check.