AU's "Action Plan for Gender Equality”

AU is committed to giving all employees opportunities to develop and realise their professional potential, thus ensuring that the university’s research, research-based education, science advice and research dissemination meet the highest international standard. To realise its goal of the highest possible quality, the university must bring the entire talent pool into play and recruit through open international competition. Barriers that restrict access to this talent pool – with its diverse approaches, perspectives and experiences – are an obstacle to realising this goal.

To address this, the university will intensify its efforts to promote diversity and prevent discrimination, as outlined in AU’s Strategy 2025. The primary focus is gender equality in regard to academic positions, because the challenges are particularly evident here. At the same time, steps will be taken to ensure gender equality in non-academic positions. It is crucial to discuss and find solutions for how best to promote gender equality for everyone who works and studies at AU.

We have has developed an "Action Plan for Gender Equality" (GEP), which is constituted by two documents, approved by the senior management team and signed by rector:

AU's Action Plan for Gender Equality 2020-22

The plan was developed by the AU Committee for Diversity and Gender Equality and describes purpose, focus areas, objectives and concrete actions.

Outline Document

The document adds to the Action Plan by specifically addressing the requirements which are set out in the “Horizon Europe Work Programme 2021-2022 and are not already addressed in the Action Plan.