Inspiration for promoting gender equality, diversity and inclusion

AU's "Action plan for gender equality, diversity and inclusion” has four focus areas: Recruitment, career development, leadership and workplace culture. You can find inspiration in case descriptions, videos and podcasts here.

Video Interviews and White Paper from the conference "Diversity in the Making" at AU, 2023

Taking Deloitte as a starting point, Anders Dons gives suggestions for how AU should work with equality and diversity Anders Dons, CEO & Partner Denmark & Nordic Deloitte.
Where to start if you want to change domineering behaviour or culture? Jeff Hearn, Professor Emeritus and Research Director, Management and Organisation, Hanken School of Economics, Finland.

White Paper: Diversity in the Making

Download Diversity in the Making – Key messages and recommendations (pdf)
The report is a summary of the key insights and recommendations at the Circle U. National Conference, Diversity in the Making, which was held at Aarhus University in March 2023.