News from the Senior Management Team contains information about current activities and discussions for all members of staff at the University of Aarhus. It is published every week – apart from holidays and public holidays. On this page, you can see the newsletters distributed in 2011.

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No. 45 (28.12.2011)

Season’s greetings • Sapere Aude supports ten young researchers at Aarhus University • ERC awards DKK 11 million to Aarhus University biologist • Free courses at the Danish University Extension • More than DKK 60 million for new research infrastructure • Calendar

No. 44 (20.12.2011)

Constructive debate at 2011 Christmas speech • AU in good financial health • Official recognition of merger with IHA • Increased grant to AU Ideas • New advisory forums under development • AU Professor Christian Søndergaard Jensen named ACM Fellow • Jorck award to PhD student Martin Vesterby • Calendar

No. 43 (13.12.2011)

Rector’s Christmas speech on 15 December • Election results finalised • Rector Ove Poulsen (IHA) resigns after successful merger • More young people expected to complete their education • Denmark’s best hospital is in Aarhus • Study environment: pilot projects in full swing • Danish universities strengthen quality assurance • Calendar

No. 42 (07.12.2011)

Danish research makes international impact • Ambitious proposal for new framework programme • Busy with the new phone numbers • AU staff member selected as Denmark’s best supervisor • Department of Biomedicine to get new facilities • IT corner inaugurated • Calendar

No. 41 (28.11.2011)

Minister of Higher Education Morten Østergaard visits AU • International recognition of AU • Faculty of Health first in AU Board's round of visits to main academic areas • Senior administrators to exchange experiences at Sandbjerg Manor seminar • AU supports university-building in developing countries • The private sector values collaboration with universities • DKK 10 million to AU researcher • Calendar

No. 40 (21.11.2011)

Agreement on allocation of research funds reached in 2012 finance bill • Academy Council proposal ready for by-laws committee • Positive development in bibliometric research indicators • Formal consultation on vision for Aarhus University Library • New occupational health and safety organisation on the way • Dean Allan Flyvbjerg receives 2011 Erhoff Prize • Calendar

No. 39 (14.11.2011)

Elections at Aarhus University • STADS update • New phone numbers at Campus Aarhus • Calendar

No. 38 (08.11.2011)

New draft budget proposal • Aarhus University strengthens its ties to Chinese elite universities • Faculty of Arts responds to criticism • New centre director at iNANO • Aarhus' first international kindergarten opens • Calendar

No. 37 (01.11.2011)

Evaluation of preliminary proposals for interdisciplinary centres in progress • iNANO strengthens its ties to China • A year of anniversaries • Upper secondary students in study internships • Delegation from Georgia • Calendar

No. 36 (25.10.2011)

New departmental structure at Arts • Amendment to law to enable merger with Aarhus School of Engineering • New homepage for the four university-wide core activities and the senior management team • Successful summer university • Progress on international rankings • Calendar

No. 35 (17.10.2011)

Prestigious international awards to AU researchers • Three levels in new liaison committee structure • New studies administration system to be launched on 24 October • Calendar

No. 34 (10.10.2011)

New basic research centres on the way • Ministry of Children and Education gets key role • Aarhus applies for a national centre for particle therapy • New brand manual for Aarhus University • Climbing up the Times Higher Education ranking list • Swedish interest in the academic development process • This year’s profile brochure is ready • Building and renovation projects create a new framework • Calendar

No. 33 (07.10.2011)

New project will improve communication and cooperation • New structure for liaison committees • Chairman of  the chairmen • Interim AU occupational health and safety committee established • AU a key player in Aarhus' digital development • More help  for conference and event organisers • Calendar

No. 32 (26.09.2011)

Merger between Engineering College of Aarhus and Aarhus University on the right track • Strategy and development contract • Healthy finances • A flood of ideas • Master class with EU commissioner • Calendar

No. 31 (19.09.2011)

A fine annual celebration • Answers about changes • Autumn’s development work at the departments • Anniversary at the Department of Chemistry • International environment conference bridges gaps • Calendar

No. 30 (12.09.2011)

The 2011 Aarhus University annual celebration • Rector Holm-Nielsen's annual celebration speech • Millions on the way for improvements in the study environment • Aarhus University moves up in QS ranking • The deadline for proposals for new interdisciplinary centres is coming up • Biggest 'study start' fair ever • Calendar

No. 29 (05.09.2011)

Eminent researchers receive honorary doctorates • Two researchers awarded ERC Starting Grants • New IT systems will benefit studies administration • Calendar

No. 28 (29.08.2011)

Finance Act proposal will shift funds from research to teaching • New work environment organisation to be set up in autumn • DKK 56 million awarded to Aarhus University by Sapere Aude • ‘Aarhus. Danish for Progress’ • Full steam ahead for staff in Odense and Aarhus • Calendar

No. 27 (23.08.2011)

The tradition of September meetings with main academic areas to continue • Report sent to academic councils for consultation • Minister establishes new national employer panel • Aarhus University moves up in rankings • New election committee structure • Calendar

No. 26 (16.08.2011)

The Aarhus University annual celebration 2011 • Info meetings on ERC grants in Aarhus and Copenhagen • New Erasmus Mundus degree programmes at AU • Don't miss the deadline for applications to AU IDEAS • Open consultation on new academic council structure • Calendar

No. 25 (01.08.2011)

2011 AU admissions likely to set new record • Ole Steen Nielsen new vice-dean at Health • Free courses at Aarhus University Extension for AU staff • Apply for a grant from the Aarhus University Research Foundation • Calendar

No. 24 (11.07.2011)

New managers at Arts and Science and Technology • Statisticians from Aarhus University top impact ranking • Calendar

No. 23 (04.07.2011)

Status of the academic development process • Six more department heads appointed • Continued development of academic and administrative organisation • New email and calendar system for all AU staff • Indian researchers to AU • Ambitious, innovative collaboration between Danish universities and universities in developing countries • Calendar

No. 22 (27.06.2011)

A fantastic party • AU PhD student selected as Europe’s best • More valuable knowledge about the students’ wishes for a good study environment • Language is the key to the world • Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies takes shape • Mark your calendar for 9 September • Calendar

No. 21 (20.06.2011)

Status of preference clarification round: administrative staff members most affected by process have been offered new job responsibilities • Café meetings on new organisation at Arts • The rector's summer speech • Debate on the state of the humanities in Denmark • Broad coverage of study environment survey • Calendar

No. 20 (14.06.2011)

The rector's summer speech • Staff support merger with IHA • AU students are thriving • AU invites researchers to submit good ideas • The search for this year's Elite Researchers has begun • AU's big night out • Calendar

No. 19 (06.06.2011)

Merger with the Aarhus School of Engineering approved • New deputy directors • ERC grants: AU in European top 15 • Call for proposals for new interdisciplinary centres coming up • Call for AU IDEAS proposals also on the way • Dialogue meeting on Aarhus University Library • Calendar

No. 18 (27.05.2011)

AU researchers and PhD students recognised at prestigious awards ceremony • Seventeen department heads and AU Herning centre director appointed • Natural sciences research at AU ranked best in Scandinavia • Universities Denmark approves of amendments to the University Act • Official opening of University Student House Aarhus • Calendar

No. 17 (20.05.2011)

Debate on role of universities from a global perspective • AUs most prestigious honours to be awarded • New phone system to be implemented at AU • Library staff meeting to provide input to development of new library structure • The open consultation on liaison committees is over • Calendar


No. 16 (16.05.2011)

New vice-dean at Science and Technology • A well-deserved break • Information about the organisation of AU Administration • List of open positions sent to staff in preference clarification round • Strong interest in democracy debate • EUA issues the Aarhus Declaration • Second round of applications to AU Summer University in progress • Meetings with student unions • Student researchers receive award from minister • Calendar

No. 15 (11.05.2011)

Three new vice-deans appointed • AU among world's elite in new QS ranking for the life sciences and medicine • Widespread public interest in MatchPoints 2011 • Debate meeting on the global role of universities • Calendar

No. 14 (04.05.2011)

Preference clarification round to be completed before the summer holiday • AU Board approves 2010 annual report • The organisation and functions of the departmental secretariats • Special preference clarification process for library staff • Crucial EU support for universities • Prominent diplomatic official to speak at MatchPoints • New UBST evaluation report on AU published • AU selected to host international conference on learning • Economists victorious in 2011 Regatta • Calendar

No. 13 (18.04.2011)

Rector Holm-Jensen re-elected to EUA Board • Grants to five Centres of Excellence extended • Calendar

No. 12 (13.04.2011)

European Commission President Barroso to visit Aarhus University • Final decisions on all department names • Constructive 24 hour seminar on academy councils • Status of preference clarification round • Many applicants to top posts • First meeting of steering committee held • New Sino-Danish collaboration • Danish roadmap for research infrastructure • Calendar

No. 11 (04.04.2011)

Students active at meeting on Tomorrow's AU • New visions for European universities • Digital exams on the way • Open House at AU Herning and Emdrup campus • Calendar

No. 10 (30.03.2011)

Rector Holm-Nielsen candidate for chairmanship of EUA board • Lars Moseholm named acting vice-deputy for AU Knowledge • Meetings for administrative staff • Change management seminar for managerial staff • Rector to meet with AU students on Tomorrow's AU • Master class with Farah Pandith • Denmark to host Euroscience Open Forum • U-Days helps students choose • Calendar

No. 9 (21.03.2011)

10,658 Quota 2 applications • Danish names of departments and centres • Seminar on the academic councils of the future • After-work meeting for AU Administration • Educational IT policy adopted • Conference on the humanities graduate of the future • High response rate to study environment survey • Personnel policy now available on the AU website • Calendar

No. 8 (07.03.2011)

Special newsletter on 10 March • Local meetings in the days following 9 March • New world-leading Danish platform for genome research • Better opportunities for elite sports people at Aarhus University • Mette Thunø joins it-vest • Many applicants for the AU Summer University • Self-examination at the universities – debate at SDU • Aarhus University is running in a relay • Three Hungarian researchers awarded new Danish prize of EUR 1 million • Calendar

No. 7 (28.02.2011)

AU is seeking five more vice-deans • New meeting with AU students • Parliamentary consultation on educational research • International interest in the academic development process • Meeting with government officials on public-sector advisory services • Enormous interest in U-Days event • Express your ideas on financing higher education • New Danish brain research award • Calendar

No. 6 (22.02.2011)

New organisation to be presented on 9 March • Nine of the new vice-deans appointed • Open consultation process concluded at Aarhus Faculty of Arts • Evening concert on 17 June for AU staff • New agreement with one of Brazil's best universities • Debate on financing education • AU participating in Danish initiative to increase the number of female board members • AU has the greatest share of Master's degree students in Denmark • Calendar

No. 5 (14.02.2011)

Open consultation on report on the structure of the boards of studies • MatchPoints Seminar 2011: a forum for debate on the future of democracy • 'The Mobile University' and 'Mobile Student Guidance' to keep on moving • In the media • Calendar

No. 4 (07.02.2011)

International meeting place opens on Aarhus campus • New chairman of Aarhus University Board elected • Opening of DEU and 'Short-cuts to new knowledge' • Proposal for academic organisation in open consultation at the Faculty of Arts • Report on AU library services in open consultation • AU students produce strong business ideas • Calendar


No. 3 (31.01.2011)

New centre for international activities on University Park campus • Café seminars on the Task Force's vision for Arts • Two AU researchers awarded ERC Advanced Grants • Major Danish research award goes to AU researcher • AU strongly represented at the EliteForsk award ceremony • New newsletter from Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences • Aarhus University strengthens cooperation with Arla Foods • Brochure on change processes and stress • Calendar


No. 2 (24.01.2011)

Government support for merger • Five new members to join the University Board • Summary of reports from working groups on administrative reorganisation • Personnel policy approved • The inauguration of 'the Entrepreneurial University' and 'Short-cuts to new knowledge' • Rector Holm-Nielsen's contribution to Growth Forum meeting on higher education • Unique interdisciplinary neuroscience and cognition research collaboration at AU • Contract with the Danish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries • Annual PhD Day at Aarhus Faculty of Health Sciences • Recognition of Aarhus entrepreneurs • Calendar


No. 1 (17.01.2011)

Call for applications to vice-dean positions • A warm welcome to the new deans • New student representatives elected to University Board • New contract with the Ministry of the Environment • 2011 development contract in place • Overwhelming interest in Aarhus University Extension • Calendar