News from the University Management no. 2/2012

Quick overview of administrative support

To provide university staff with a quick overview of the different points of contact to the university's administrative units, printed leaflets with contact details for key employees have now been sent out.

Aarhus University's academic units have been allocated specific administrative staff members, and the leaflets provide the names and contact details of the persons who will assist with everything from AV equipment to accounts and financial administration.

A total of 30 different leaflets have been printed, covering the 26 departments as well as the Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media, AU Herning, iNANO and the School for Dental Assistants, Hygienists and Clinical Technicians.

In case of changes to the contact details, the leaflets will both be updated on the university's website and sent out in new versions. During 2012, the leaflets will be replaced by a web-based version.


Now four Queen Margrethe II Travel Grants

In connection with Queen Margrethe's 40th anniversary on the throne, Aarhus University has decided to mark the close ties between the Royal Family and AU by increasing the number of Queen Margrethe II Travel Grants from two to four.

Queen Margrethe II Travel Grants were instituted in connection with Queen Margrethe's 70th birthday as a present to the Queen from AU. Awarded each year in connection with the university's annual celebration, each grant is worth DKK 25,000.


Day of Research to focus on Europe's challenges

In the coming years, the Day of Research will focus on the major challenges facing us, both in Denmark and globally. In 2012, the key topic will be the challenges faced by Europe, and the Day of Research will thus be closely tied to the Danish EU Presidency.

“Europe's Challenges” is the working title for this year's event, and AU Communication has appointed a committee of representatives from all four main academic areas. The committee will, among other things, find researchers who can involve themselves in relevant activities. Please contact project manager Charlotte Boel at or on tel. +45 8715 3038 if you have any ideas for lectures and/or foyer activities.

On Campus Aarhus, the Day of Research will be held on Friday, 20 April from 13.00-18.00 in buildings 1520/1521/1522. Updates about the Day of Research at AU will be posted on the university's website, including AU events in other places in Denmark.

On the same date, an Excellence Conference, one of the EU Presidency conferences, will be hosted in the Lakeside Lecture Theatres.


Retirement reception for Ove Poulsen

To mark Ove Poulsen's retirement as rector of Aarhus University School of Engineering (formerly Aarhus College of Engineering) at the end of January, a reception will be hosted on Thursday, 26 January from 13.00-15.00. The reception will be held in the Shannon Building (building 5789), Finlandsgade 24, 8200 Aarhus N.



  • 25 January: Main Liaison Committee meeting
  • 25 January: Consultation on development contract at AU
  • 2-3 February: The senior management team visits the University of Gothenburg
  • 15 February: Deadline for comments in development contract consultation
  • 26 January: Retirement reception for Rector Ove Poulsen, Aarhus University School of Engineering
  • 29 February: University Board meeting

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