News from the Senior Management Team no. 19/2014

New supervisory report on Aarhus University

The ministry’s supervisory report on Aarhus University has now been published. In particular, the report includes the following seven general topics selected by the Danish Agency for Higher Education:

  1. Profile and strategic goals
  2. Finances and staff
  3. Education and internationalization
  4. Further and continuing education
  5. PhDs and research
  6. Knowledge exchange and innovation
  7. Campus and strategic physical planning

Aarhus University is satisfied with the supervisory report, which gives the agency, the university and the general public an overview of the selected activities. 

The report was prepared on the basis of the Danish Agency for Higher Education's supervisory meeting on 16 January at Aarhus University and the subsequent dialogue between the agency and the university. The supervisory report on Aarhus University is being published later than the reports for other universities. This is because, as part of the administrative process relating to the supervisory report, changes have been made to the plan, both by the agency and the university. 

The purpose of the ministry’s supervision of the universities is, among other things, to strengthen knowledge exchange between the universities and the Danish Agency for Higher Education as well as the public. The supervision must help to ensure quality in how both the universities and the agency perform their work.


AURORA takes education and research to Denmark's Political Festival

AU's new research vessel AURORA berthed at the quayside in Allinge Harbour last Thursday morning just before the official opening of this year's "Folkemødet" – Denmark's Political Festival – on the island of Bornholm. 

During the festival, the ship's deck was laid out for debates on the environment and education, and also provided a backdrop for political visits and discussions with researchers. 

Thursday saw a debate being held on the environmental situation in the Baltic Sea between politicians, representatives from various organisations and researchers. On Friday evening, education was the dominant subject, with Jonas Dahl (SF - Socialist People's Party), Esben Lunde Larsen (V - Left, Liberal Party of Denmark), Charlotte Rønhoff (DI - Confederation of Danish Industry), Jakob Ruggaard (DSF- National Union of Students in Denmark), Lone Koefoed Hansen (Aesthetics and Communication, AU) and Brian Bech Nielsen (AU) discussing tomorrow's university study programmes, and focusing on quality and relevance.

Immediately after Denmark's Political Festival, AURORA will set sail on her first research expedition to the Baltic Sea.

  • See pictures from AURORAs visit on Twitter and Instagram #rvAurora

More students choosing summer university

More students from both Denmark and abroad are choosing to spend part of their summer holiday learning more about biofuels, e-commerce, global health and a wide range of other subjects. 

This year, 1,516 students are enrolled at AU Summer University. Of these, 254 come from abroad, with Chinese, German, French and American students in particular choosing AU Summer University. Last year, 1,350 students attended the summer university – of whom 210 were foreigners. 

Together with a number of AU lecturers, 24 foreign guest lecturers are contributing to the more than 50 courses being offered this year. 

In addition to the academic content, summer university students are able to join a social programme with, among other things, city tours, visits to museums etc.

Health researcher wins PhD Cup Live

Molecular biologist Eva Greibe won first place at this year's PhD Cup Live with her research project about breastfeeding.

The research project has created quite a stir as the findings run contrary to the official recommendations on breastfeeding from the Danish Health and Medicines Authority.   

The Danish newspaper Information, the Lundbeck Foundation, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and Universities Denmark are behind the competition, which has been established with the aim of increasing accessibility to and awareness of doctoral research among the general public.

Read more about Eva Greibe's research here

Science and Technology conference focused on digital technology in teaching

On 11 and 12 June, the Centre for Science Education explored how technological solutions can develop teaching and create new forms of learning. 

As part of the conference, Jacob Sherson, who heads AU's Centre for Community Driven Research (CODER), presented a new proposal for a game-based learning universe,, where students can play their way to knowing more about physics, statistics and psychology. 

The hope of the conference is to inspire teachings staff to incorporate new teaching methods for the benefit of both students and themselves. 

Read more about the conference  



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