News from the senior management team no. 30/2014

Friday is the deadline for consultation responses

Friday 19 September is the deadline for submission of consultation responses regarding the senior management team’s proposed solutions that Rector Brian Bech Nielsen presented about a month ago.

The senior management team is looking forward to receiving the consultation responses, which will be put to use in the next phase of the process of adjusting the organisation. The members of the senior management team will begin the work of reviewing and discussing the consultation responses after the Friday 19 September submission deadline.

The consultation responses from the university’s official forums, including the departmental forums, boards of studies and the liaison committees, will be published in Danish on 24 September on AU’s homepage. On the same day, the university will announce a plan for the next phases of the process.

The consultation responses from the official forums will be published in Danish at along with the problem analysis and the proposed solutions of 15 August.

Consultation responses from individuals and groups of employees will only be published if the authors so wish. If a consultation response is sent in without an explicit statement of whether the author(s) wish(es) to have the response published on the homepage, the author(s) will receive an enquiry regarding this. Employees are also welcome to send a mail to indicating whether their consultation responses may be published.

The position of university director has been re-advertised

The position of university director at Aarhus University has just been re-advertised. The new university director is to start as soon as possible or by no later than 1 January 2015. The decision to re-advertise the position was motivated by a desire to attract a larger pool of qualified applicants.

The new university director will be responsible for ensuring the continued development of AU Administration so as to support the university's academic activities in the best possible way.

External professor appointed vice-dean at the Faculty of Health

At year-end, Professor Charlotte Ringsted of the University of Toronto will assume the position of vice-dean for education at Health. Ringsted is currently employed as professor and director of the Wilson Centre at the University of Toronto, a centre for health professions education research. In the period 2004-13, she headed the Centre for Clinical Education at the University of Copenhagen. 

Ringsted took her medical degree from the University of Southern Denmark, and she received her PhD from Maastricht University. 


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