News from the Senior Management Team no. 10/2015

Consistently high number of quota 2 applicants

12,066 quota 2 applications and up 4% on 2014. This was the result of this year's round of quota 2 applications to Aarhus University. Thus, the trend of stable and high applicant numbers seen in recent years is continuing.

The number of first-priority applications increased by a single percentage point to 4,312.

The new cognitive science degree programme at Arts was particularly popular, topping the list for 170 applicants. 

A number of degree programmes increased their quota 2 admissions this year, while from next year the BSc programme in medicine will be doubling the number of quota 2 admissions as well as trialling entrance examinations.

More cooperation with South African researchers

Two of South Africa's leading universities, the University of Cape Town (UCT) and Witwatersrand University (Wits) in Johannesburg, have just signed cooperation agreements with Aarhus University.

The agreements emphasise the importance of concrete collaborative projects. Therefore, the senior management team at Aarhus University have earmarked almost DKK 370,000 for a South African seed fund in 2015 which will enable researchers to visit each other and explore the possibilities for project collaboration.

New names for administrative services

An up-to-date list has just been published of the names of the various administrative units at AU. The name of each administrative unit signals whether it provides administrative services to one of the faculties, or to the university as a whole.

The five administrative divisions all have the AU prefix, and the names of the administration centres' units will also begin with the relevant faculty's short name.  


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