News from the senior management team no. 24/2015

Continued growth for AU Summer University 

1,697 students attended AU Summer University 2015, up 13 per cent on last year.  The growth is primarily attributable to AU students who are choosing to take summer courses to earn ECTS credits prior to doing an internship or similar, or students who have fallen behind on their ECTS credits.

The increase is not a new trend. Over the past four summers, there has been a significant increase in the number of AU students at AU Summer University. Relative to 2012, there are now 67 per cent more internal students attending AU Summer University.

Over the years, the number of courses offered has been largely constant. When the study progress reform is fully implemented at the universities in 2016, the popular subjects will probably be subject to some pressure. Even this year, more than 100 students registered for the ‘Language and Marketing’ course offered by Aarhus BSS. While the total number of students at AU Summer University is increasing, the number of international students is stagnating. In 2012, international students accounted for 31 per cent against 16 per cent in 2015. Here, the focus on striking a financial balance in our student exchanges has definitely been a factor.

Summer University has been discussed by the senior management team and the Committee on Education. It is Aarhus University’s clear objective that Summer University must develop to meet the growing demand and support a wider and more varied offering of courses. It is also necessary to take a look at how AU can further develop the international elements, so that the objective of using Summer University as an opportunity for boosting our international visibility and recruitment is maintained. The next step is for the faculty management team to discuss Summer University.

Inaugural reception for new dean at Aarhus BSS

To mark Thomas Pallesen’s appointment as dean of Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University is inviting its partners, employees and students to a reception on Monday 31 August at 14:00.

The reception will be held on Monday 31 August 2015 at 14:00-15:30 in the S building (building 2610), Fuglesangs Allé 4, Aarhus.

Please register for the event by Wednesday 26 August 2015 to allow refreshments to be planned.

Invitations to annual celebration now sent out

For the first time, this year employees can register for the annual celebration ceremony in the Main Hall on the afternoon of 11 September. This year, the anniversary will be celebrated on the day itself, as it falls on a Friday.

As in recent years, there will be an evening party at Concert Hall Aarhus. As usual, you can also sign up for this part of the annual celebration. On Monday, the invitations to the annual celebration were emailed to all AU staff.

The registration deadline is 21 August. Employees are welcome to invite a companion to both events. Seats in the Main Hall for the afternoon event and seats in the main auditorium at Concert Hall Aarhus in the evening will be allocated according to the number of employees at the four faculties and in the administration, so everyone has an equal chance of getting a place. The draw will be carried out by KongresKompagniet, and letters will be sent out in week 36 announcing the results of the draw.

  • Read more about the annual celebration here


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