News from the senior management team no. 27/2015

Unjustified criticism of the university

Rector Brian Bech Nielsen regards the comments made by the Minister of Higher Education and Science about overfed institutions and the Minister’s observation that “we don’t offer education for the sake of having employees” as being completely unjustified and out of step with reality. 

Position of deputy director of AU HR advertised

The position of deputy director of AU HR, which is currently vacant, has been advertised. The deputy director heads a management team of four division managers and works closely with HR partner managers at the four administrative centres. The deputy director is part of the university director’s management team.

AU HR has approx. 55 employees and a total annual budget of DKK 43 million.

The application deadline is 20 September, and the position is expected to be filled by 1 December 2015 or as soon as possible thereafter.

AU staff policy update

When the revision of AU’s staff policy kicks off in the autumn, it will be based on comments and suggestions from staff and managers.

The working group charged with reviewing the staff policy is made up of employee and management representatives. During the spring, the working group collected and analysed comments and suggestions from employees and managers, and on this basis the group has arrived at a number of recommendations for the Main Liaison Committee (HSU) concerning the form and content of the staff policy, the adjustment of a number of sub-policies and the issue of policy ownership.

HSU has now approved the working group’s recommendations, and the next step is the concrete work of revising AU’s staff policy.

The working group expects the changes to the staff policy to result in greater clarity and a policy which is more easily accessible and of greater use for all staff members at Aarhus University.

The final policy is expected to be ready at the beginning of 2016, after which the implementation of the policy can commence. 

New head of the Department of Management

Jacob Kjær Eskildsen has been appointed new head of the Department of Management. He comes from a similar position at the Department of Business Development and Technology. 


  • 11 September: Annual celebration at Aarhus University
  • 11 September: Denmark’s biggest Friday bar and Sports Day
  • 15-16 September: University Board seminar at Sandbjerg Estate

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