News from the senior management team no. 4/2015

Organisation of administration and faculties falling into place

A number of organisational changes in connection with the follow-up on the internal problem analysis have now been implemented. This marks yet another step towards a more balanced organisation.

Among other things, various aspects of the division of work between the central administration and the administration centres have now been clarified, as has the internal organisation of the university's four faculties based on the local departmental reviews.

At BSS, minor adjustments have been made to the departmental structure, while at ST and Health the departmental structure is unchanged. The same is true at Arts. However, Arts will be making some structural changes below department level. Also, several initiatives were outlined which are aimed at ensuring greater staff and student involvement.

Although some details remain to be decided,and the senior management team wants to give this last part of the process the time and attention it requires.

Final report from the Expert Committee on Quality in Higher Education

With its summary report now completed, last Thursday the Expert Committee on Quality in Higher Education concluded its work with the Danish higher education programmes.

The report is – apart from a few adjustments – a synthesis of the two previous reports, which the Expert Committee on Quality in Higher Education has condensed to ten recommendations on topics such as less detailed regulation and changes to the admission system.

Climate partnership to create growth in East Jutland

Early last week, Science and Technology entered into a climate partnership with the City of Aarhus. The agreement will strengthen collaboration with business and industry and result in more projects designed to foster innovation and lead to job creation in East Jutland.

The partnership represents an intensification of the existing cooperation between AU, the City of Aarhus and business and industry, which so far has resulted in projects in such areas as energy renovation of buildings and the establishment of experimental forests.



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